Uduak Isong
Uduak Isong Oguamanam holds a first degree in Communication and Arts/Russian Language from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Masters degree in New Media and Society from the University of Leicester, UK.
2. She also has a diploma in French from Alliance Francaise. She writes short stories and screenplays.
3. Her short stories have won international awards including the Commonwealth short story competition. Oguamanam has written several Nollywood screenplays including the award-winning ‘Bursting Out’.
4. Uduak attended the prestigious Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin, Germany, on the strength of her screenplay Unfinished Business. Some of her notable screenplays include: A Piece of Flesh, Entanglement, Ekaette, Edikan, Timeless Passion etc.
Uduak Isong
5. Uduak’s quest for excellence has led her on a path of continued education.
6. She attended the ‘hands on directors’ workshop’ at Raindance, UK.
7. In 2010, she cut her teeth in directing with a short film ‘To Live Again’ adapted from her own short story which was published in Farafina Magazine.
8. In August 2012, Uduak got selected by the British Council to attend the UK-Nigeria creative world partnership programme, London, UK.
9. Uduak’s work history started in the aviation industry where she worked as a cabin crew for two years.
10. Thereafter, she worked in the capital markets and telecommunications industry before pursuing a full-time career in Nollywood in 2010.
11. Her work experience equipped her with the business acumen and knowledge of the market that have been the hallmark of her success as a screenwriter and movie producer.
12. Uduak believes in Nollywood as a powerful tool for social change because of its large audience and the potential for film to affect.
13. Her short film, To Live Again, focused on HIV stigmatisation; her 2012 feature, KOKOMMA, spotlighted on the sexual abuse of women; and Edikan, which she wrote and co- produced with Emem Isong and Desmond Elliot, was made to educate and inform parents on the ills of labelling children as child witches.
14. In partnership with Steppingstones Nigeria, several copies of Edikan were distributed free of charge in Akwa Ibom state.
15. These movies were made to influence a paradigm shift in viewers’ minds, replacing their contempt with compassion, hatred with love and ignorance with understanding.
16. Uduak’s latest short film, Truth be Told, touches on homosexuality, her comedy OKON LAGOS is already one of Nollywood’s most successful movies and its sequel, OKON Goes to School sold out on its release date.
17. Uduak continues to grow as a movie Producer, keeping faith with her dream to make Nigeria a better place and the Nigerian a better person, by the stories she tells through films.
Uduak’s Portfolio
 Uduak Isong Desperate HousegirlsRelease Date: September, 2013

Three girls, one dream. Who will be the first to live it?

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OKON LAGOS OKON LAGOSRelease Date: May, 2011

Okon, a down on his luck hunter from the backwoods of Akwa Ibom, comes to Lagos in search of glory and wealth. Soon, he finds that his crude ways have no place in the city. Will Okon, like a true hunter, survive in the concrete jungle that Lagos is or be lost in the wilds forever.
OKON LAGOS won best comedy film, best comedy male act, best comedy female act at ZAFAA awards, 2011 in the UK.

house of borah 6th anniversary

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KOKOMMA KOKOMMARelease Date: September, 2012

Kokomma has to hawk to support her family but being a pretty girl, men want to buy more than the product on offer. Her mother sends her to Lagos to save her from men’s prying eyes.  But will she really be safe?
KOKOMMA was nominated for several awards at the GIAMA awards. Belinda EFFAH won the best new actress for her role in KOKOMMA.

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After Okon, an eccentric hunter, wastes a fortune on wine and women, he enrols in university to learn money management. What he doesn’t bargain for is cultism and women trouble. What school doesn’t bargain for is Okon and his crazy antics.

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