Last weekend, on my way back home, my cellphone mistakenly fell out of my pocket and on getting home, I discovered I had misplaced my phone so, I decided to drive back to the last point I was before getting home but I couldn’t find the phone! By Monday, I go some info from a close friend that a ‘Good Samaritan’ called with my number to inform him that a car had marched my 1 month-old very expensive ‘Techno’ phone into pieces and that the only thing left is my SIM. 
Huh! Badnews! Anyways, recovering my SIM from the ‘Good Samaritan’ was a bit tasking so, I decided to retrieve my phone number and on getting to MTN outlet here in Uyo today, I discovered my SIM was not registered! 
How? I kept wondering! How? I registered my SIM way back in 2011 alongside a friend at one MTN-branded shop along Udo Ekpo Inyang Street here in Uyo! Did they play me ojoro? What really happened? Honestly, I couldn’t understand! I kept wondering why I had to waste my time in such a long queue that day, back in 2011, waiting to register my SIM!
Jokes apart, from today’s experience, it occurred to me that if NCC keeps to its words, so many Nigerians will lose their phone numbers, so I decided to take action and put up this post!
Please note that SIM Registration Deadline is Sunday June 30, 2013 and there are lots of FREEBIES awaiting you upon registration! Although I didn’t get any today, I’m sure it would do you some good to confirm if your SIM has been registered.
With all these registration points scattered all round the nook and crannies of our cities, one would be surprised that his/her phone line is not registered! So, what do these guys on our streets actually do considering that SIM registration is free? I’ll leave you to worry about that but I’m only interested in making sure you don’t loose your phone number after NCC’s dateline- I repeat, if they are going to keep their words oo!
Anyways, The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced that all SIM Cards must be registered by Sunday June 30, 2013. All unregistered SIMs or those with incomplete information by that date will be disconnected. 
However, MTN has called on all its customers to ensure that they register their SIM cards, especially SIM cards in data-enabled devices such as Fastlink internet dongles, iPads, laptops, Point of Sale terminals (POS), Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) as well as those embedded in car-tracking devices. 
To confirm your registration status, please send an SMS with the word SIMREG to 746. You can also visit the nearest MTN centre/registration point to cross check the information against your name. 
As part of an on-going verification exercise, you may receive an SMS from 799 asking you to confirm some information. Please ensure that you reply the SMS as soon as you can to complete your registration.
I know this would do you some good! Thank me later sha…but please start texting now! Every disappointment is a blessing joor, or else, if I didn’t miss my cellphone, how else would I know that my SIM was not registered?
God works in miraculous ways, but my cellphone (Techno) was just 1 month old! Don’t laugh oOo…God can still pass through you sha and give me a brand new Nokia Lumia 925. I say ‘AMEN’…. 
Text ‘REG’ to 746 to confirm your SIM registration status TODAY!

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