Motherhood bears different meaning to different people. It is a phase many women look forward to as they want to experience what if feels like to bring a child to the world. 

Female bricklayer backing her child while working

Female bricklayer with her baby strapped to the back

Bringing a child to the world is quite small compared to raising the child. This is the aspect where many people fail as parents as they do not have what it takes to cater for the child. It is disheartening seeing women who dump their babies simply because they do not know how to cater for their needs.

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Mothers are compassionate and loving; they are women who are selfless when it comes to taking care of their wards. Their sacrifices can be compared to no other; they would rather starve than to see their children go hungry.

This Asian woman has won the love and affection of people when pictures of her strapping her child to her back while working surfaced on the internet.

In Africa, strapping a child to the back is a norm as women do it to make their babies sleep, warm them up and also have the opportunity to do other things. In the western world, this is seen as being strange as the people there often wonder if the child will not get choked in the process.

The woman whose picture is in this post put her baby on her back while she went on with her work. Motherhood could be draining for a lot of women as they constantly have to worry about getting someone to mind their babies while they go about their normal businesses.

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For the female bricklayer here, she was able to accomplish more by carrying the child with her and laying the bricks of the building at the same time.

Female bricklayer backing her child while working

Female bricklayer at work

With the demands of her profession, she probably took the decision in order not to allow the child distract her much. If the child had to wander about while she worked, she will spend more time trying to keep her eyes on him than on the job.

Toddlers are a handful when it comes to raising children. That is the stage where you practically have to run after them and ensure they do not get into harm’s way. What have you to say about this woman and her baby?

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