She and her husband Engr. Emmanuel came together to bring Akwa Ibom’s #1 comedian to Sir James to this world and proud to be associated with this family. As loads of felicitations keep pouring in, we join our hearts together to wish this one-in-a-million nurse a happy birthday! As E-101 Magazine rightly puts it through their associate editor Asteroid Bassey, “Mummy, when destiny introduced you into the world 55years ago, very few believed a jewel has debuted. But today its evidence in one of your off-springs.Within your years spent on earth, you impacted your generation with your humanitarian services.

As a professional nurse, mother & adviser you have not only distinct your profession but also proved the mother in you. Akwa Ibom State “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” rejoice with you for giving us an icon whose strides in the comedy industry is indeed explosive.
Today one of your sons, COMEDIAN SIR JAMES has not only recorded success, he has proved to be a shining light for Akwa Ibom State, an achievement we are proud of. As you celebrate the 2013 edition of your birthday, we the entire E101 crew join your family on this joyous moment & wish you more successes
Everyone here at Wetinhappen Magazine say Happy Birthday and many more happy returns! We also pray that Sir James will make you a grandmother very soon! Amen! Congratulations M’aam!
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