I'm in love with a Nigerian girl and an American woman

Hi Bukky,

I’m in love with a Nigerian girl and an American woman aged 27 and 54 respectively.

Definitely, I want to settle down with a Nigerian but I want to travel to the United States . I don’t know what to do.

I need your candid advice.



Hi Ezenwa,

Thanks for sharing your concerns with me.

Firstly, you can’t exactly be in love with two women at the same time. You must love one more than the other, it’s simply the way the human mind works.

Irrespective of whom you choose to end up with, you should make she equally feels the same way as you do.

Traveling to the United States will definitely happen for you if you work towards it, but you shouldn’t take advantage of anyone because you are trying to go abroad.

Try to list your priorities and choose according to how much they matter to you, then watch the rest fall in place after making your decision.

I wish you the best.


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Yours truly!

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