Patrick Edet Weds Inyene: THE POPE MUST HEAR THIS

patrick edet

By Osondu Ahirika

Last week, I was honoured to receive an emissary of The Rev. Patrick Edet in my residence. His mission? To deliver the Invite, to the forthcoming event of the year(in my opinion), being the wedding ceremony of the erstwhile Catholic Priest to his sweetheart, Miss Inyene Sampson Akpan, holding on Saturday, March 17, 2018.

How I look forward to the day, fantasizing like I did as a child, lying awake, through what appeared to be the longest of nights, awaiting the dawn for our Inter-house Sports in school, or the Children Day Celebration at the Stadium.

While others like me await this historic event, the critics are running their mouths against the Cleric. They claim this is the real reason why he resigned from his commission in the Catholic clergy last year. The ‘mystery woman’ who lured him away is set to be unveiled, his detractors say. Let me share with you, unedited, a chat sent to me by a critic, I prefer to keep anonymous, on this issue.

patrick edet

He wrote “Women are causing more harm to the society than doing good even before the coming of Christ. Apart from Joseph no other man got an encounter with this creature and was free. This fine man of God, who swore to the oath of celibacy to stay away from women, was charmed by the beauty of this black woman , who later, ALLEGEDLY threatened to expose this priest of God to Bishop and society, if he doesn’t pack his belongings to follow her. She couldn’t find love elsewhere, but this man who took an oath not to marry any woman, but the body of Christ. Just 6months ago, he resigned, turned his fellowship, Grace Family into a church and now attempting a daily service and by March 17th, 2018, this man, who called this woman his fiance, will wed her and she turns to a Mamma, while Bro. Edet becomes a Papa.”

Not done, he adds,” Osondu, I told you this RUMOUR of a certain woman who was pregnant for him and vowed to expose him, if he doesn’t pull out of the church, maybe because it was a tale told, Not by an idiot, but a mere motor mechanic, I remembered you dismissed it as a common beer parlour gist in Uyo. Now you ‘ll begin to take every gist in Uyo seriously, whether at beer Palouse, Urua Akpan and hair dressing saloons, eateries or during tarry nights!”

patrick edet

Truth be said, several others out there believe these tales. I dismissed them then, I still do, even as I write. Some people even have worse versions of ALLEGED pregnancy and abortion, prior to this upcoming wedding by the couple. My joy in all of this, is that, he used the words, ‘ALLEGEDLY’ and ‘RUMOURED’, both of which, I deliberately highlighted, to underscore the lack of verification or credibility of his musings.

However, this is his main grouse and bone of contention, as he further wrote, “We all know a Priest is a Priest. Whether you resigned or not the blessing is still there. He acknowledged it when he said people can still call him Fr. Edet.. No one coerced him to take that oath of celibacy and many Bishops were witnesses. As he attempts to break that oath by taking a wife to the altar, has he first of all called the Men of God to break that oath before embarking on this worldly journey? ”

patrick edet

My resenting friend argues that, until the Pope accepts the resignation of Patrick Edet and absolves him of his oaths of allegiance, he remains bound by them, including to remain celibate.

I Understand how pained many hard-core Catholics are, by this turn of events in the revolutionary life of their erstwhile Priest. Albeit, Rev. Edet deserves commendation and not spiteful commentary from all people of noble upbringing. He has elected a path of honour and not hypocrisy.

Last year, 54 years old Catholic Priest, Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni, of the Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Kakuri parish, Kaduna State, was sacked for secretly marrying two women.

Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic Diocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso, confirmed Father Zuni actually committed the sin, and dissclosed that, one of the women at the centre of the controversy confronted him with a baby said to belong to Father Zuni, and that after due investigation by his office, it was confirmed that the priest was her secret husband, while the other woman had died.

Such scandals, including the tale of a pregnant Nun, who claimed, she did not know she was pregnant, and more sex scandals have rocked the mother Church, and many times, shakes her to the foundation. It is possible, several others, who are secretly married, or, have sired kids and have baby mama’s, but are yet to be unmasked, still lurk within the fold of the revered Catholic clergy.

patrick edet

The Holy Roman Catholic Pontif, Pope Francis, has been confronted with widening sex abuse scandals engrossing the clergy of the church in various nations. Pope Francis apologizing for these grave offences in Santiago de Chile, during his recent visit to the largely Catholic nation of Chile, said, he feels pained at the irreparable damage caused to children by some ministers of the church who sexually abuse them.

Assuming without conceding that, Patrick Edet can only be free of his celibate bond, if the Pope grants the reprieve, What prevents the Pope from readily releasing a Priest, who decides to vacate his stewardship and pursue a new vision, as led by God Almighty, who called him? Shouldn’t the Pope, and indeed all true Catholics be happy, Rev. Edet is not one of those hiding behind the Cassock and Surplice, to indulge in sexual orgies and perversion?

It was on August 2, 2017, that, Rev. Edet, broke the news to the world. Speaking during his weekly Christian programme titled: “Grace and Inspiration” on Planet FM 101.1, he announced his resignation from Catholicism, making the declaratory statement of, freedom for his spirit and soul, after 11 long years of service. Edet said in that broadcast: “From today henceforth, I cease to be a Catholic Priest, in my spirit and in my soul.”

Knowing what inevitably lay in store for him going forward, Rev. Edet added a caveat. “I forgive those who will criticize me. I live for God. I seek freedom for my soul. As I leave, I leave smiling. I am so happy that I am free.”

I am certain, that pardon covers my friend who wrote all the allegations above and others like him, who, would want Rev. Edet’s scalp on a platter of gold. I want the Pope to hear this, and from his Papal throne bless this marriage too. Thankfully, he is very well disposed to marriage as an Honourable institution ordained by God.

Pope Francis on February 18, while returning from Chile, offered to wed the couple, who work as flight attendants, after hearing that they never got to have a Catholic Church wedding.

pope wed couples on plane

The said couple, Podest and Ciufardi, have been civilly married since 2010, but when the February 27 earthquake of same year damaged the church in which they were due to marry, they didn’t go through with the ceremony. The Pope did it without much ado.

Aren’t you aware, Pope Francis has dropped a hint of a possibility, that the Catholic Church may reconsider its position on not allowing older married men become ordained as Priests? Pope Francis was quoted by a German weekly, Die Ziet, as saying that, the church may consider ordaining married men who could work in remote areas faced with a shortage of priests.


I can safely project that, sooner than later, there remains a possibility that, the Catholic Church may review its celibacy laws and permit Priests to marry. Don’t ever bet on your life that, this is impossible. For now, I congratulate The Rev. Patrick Edet and his spouse and join countless millions of well-wishers and people of goodwill to pray God’s blessings on their union. I can’t wait for the D – day.

Before I sign out, let me state this unequivocally. For those, who will go about spreading baseless, unfounded blackmail in the build-up and aftermath of this holy wedlock, the unrelenting cynics who are hell-bent

on crying foul and engaging in unprofitable name-calling against God’s servant, who is simply living his uniquely peculiar destiny, I will say, in legendary Lucky Dube’s voice, “if you have nothing good to say about somebody, just, shut up!” Are you God?

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