If they do not name this bag “the nutsack”, I am going to be peeved.

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Anywho, a photo of a man wearing a bag surfaced online sometime in 2014. The backpack looks like a giant nutsack (or balls or scrotum) compete with the contours, shape, colour of a nutsack and even what looks like strands of pubic hair.

Scrotum bagThe internet was quickly inundated with joking pleas of “I want one”, and unfortunately for us sane ones, a satchel promoter hearkened unto those cries and is working on releasing the bags commercially.

The Canadian, who goes by the name Daniel Bitton set up an Indiegogo fundraiser (please don’t donate 😰, lol!) and has so far raised $5,000 out of $33,000. He calls his project “God’s most precious cargo” because “it carries the human race” (can’t argue with that 😉😜).

When Bitton reaches his goal, he’ll be able to manufacture at least 5,000 scrotum backpacks, complete with fleshy bumps and pubic hair, which he plans to retail for $120 each.

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