Ime ‘Bishop’ Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos needs no introduction. Okay, what’s your own name for him? Cafenol? Iyammi? Ekpo ammia mkpaha? Emotional Asthma? Okon Lagos? Naiya delta? What? Take ‘kova’ oo! Anyway, he is our own! Nollywood’s most celebrated and talented actor. Some lines in the movies he has starred in have become popular slangs in Akwa Ibom and the neighboring states. Lines like ‘Ekpo ammia mkpaha’ which he did in the movie ‘Uyai‘ became a popular phrase in mouths of many but now, what is in the mouths of the children, young men and women and the old is ‘Iya Mmi’, an exclamatory remark he did in the blockbuster flick ‘Okon Lagos‘. Our own amebo shaa, is to show you his picture and his fiancee…here’s the picture joor!

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