Baba Suwe shares that NDLEA has not compensated him over alleged drug trafficking since 7 years ago

Yoruba actor, Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe, in an interview with The Punch, shared his 2011 drug trafficking story. The comic actor said that, after his innocence was proven, NDLEA has refused to pay him a dime out of the 25M since 7 years ago.

He said:

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In the interview, Baba Suwe said “I have never gotten a kobo from them. The case has practically been forgotten after my lawyer, Bamidele Aturu, died. Aturu was determined to see the case to a conclusion.

When he first took on the case, he called me aside and asked me to confess to him if I really committed the crime. But I affirmed my innocence to him and he believed me. The people close to me knew that I was innocent. I had never seen cocaine until I got to NDLEA office.

My job as an actor was enough to take care of all my needs, and I didn’t need anything else. Through my job as an actor, I have been blessed by God and I am well loved and respected. If there was a juju priest that could do that, I’m sure the person would be a millionaire by now.

What could I have used that made them not find anything in me? After all, they apprehend people every time. I have always stuck to what I know how to do best. It really affected my career and that is to be expected. Till this day, a lot of people still believe I ‘trafficked’ cocaine. Meanwhile, I am totally innocent of the allegations.”

He also said that he is writing a movie on the story.

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