My Husband Dislikes Me (What Should I Do?)

I have been married for 6years without a child. it has been the worst time of My life to be married without a child.

Anytime we argue, he will shout at me with scorn and hateful words but he can never speak to his family members that way.

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lf l try to talk with him over some issues or advice which will benefit us, he will shot me down, only for us to suffer later.

l have tried to Know my wrong to him but he doesn’t wanna tell me. l am in deep pains cos he has told me “that anytime l want to leave, that am free to do so”.

On Monday, he came back around 12am, and l was worried till that time.

He came back without explaination and l asked him, whether l am that invisible to him, and his reply was “if l am tired, that l should leave”. l now replied, “if l have a child, will you send us out?” he didn’t say anything but l know that his attitude is cos of that.

The day l had my Last miscarriage was in 2016, and the tears l had in My eyes was not about my baby but knowing that l will Not be loved again by my husband.

l am tired! l almost went Into depression, and sucide, cos of his attitude to me. l don’t Know how to handle him, cos my presence irritates him.

Please Sound Advice.

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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Am so touched and I feel sorry knowing that you are you are passing through in such a situation. What I think is that marriage is not only about having children their is more than that and I think your husband is Missing that point. And I know you love your husband so much but technically his chasing you out his house and in my own opinion I think you need to leave him for your own safety and peace of mind maybe not forever but until things get back to normal.
I will be praying for you.

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