Mariah was shooting the video – directed by her husband Nick Cannon – at Avenue nightclub in Chelsea in downtown Manhattan. The songstress may have tripped and fallen in her high heels, a source told the New York Post. The accident was kept quiet and an ambulance wasn’t called, an FDNY source told the NY Daily News, confirming that no ambulances were dispatched Sunday to 116 10th Ave., where Avenue is located.
Mariah is said to have had her private medical personnel on hand in case of any incidents. Nick was ‘very loving’ toward his wife, and stayed by her side while a doctor looked at her, according to the NY Daily News.
Despite her injury, Mariah is still expected to perform at a free concert on July 13 with Major League Baseball in Central Park to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief.
‘She will perform, but it is likely she will have her arm in a sling,’ another source told The Post.
Mariah, who was filming the video with Young Jeezy, has kept quiet about the accident.
‘At a certain age when you’re over 40, any kind of injury is like saying rigor mortis has set in,’ a source close to the singer told the NY Daily News.
‘Mariah wants to always be young and fabulous and fit. She doesn’t want you saying she eats Activia [yoghurt].’
The release of her new album The Art Of Letting Go, which was scheduled for July, has been delayed ‘in order to have more time on it,’ according to her website.

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