An aggrieved lady took to Facebook to call out a man who has been asking her out for over a year, but got married in December 2018. 

to the lady identified as Ada Rocky, the man even tried to meet up with
her in Atlanta in November 2018. She further pleaded karma on him. The
lady who shared photos of the man and his wife, asked him to respect his
family and his wife. 

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The lady who called out the man asking her out wrote; 

me hurry up and say this before we enter 2019. This guy right here is
the many reasons why I dont like to talk to Igbo guys. This men has been
in my inbox for a whole year and was trying to meet up last month when I
was in Atlanta. Tell me why this fool was engage and is now married?
smdh. Please respect yourself, and your wife and family. May karma not
come around and bit you in the ass.

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