Idris-Wada-votesThe Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate in Kogi State and incumbent Governor Idris Wada, has alleged that there is a plot to frustrate the ongoing governorship election in the state.

The governor complained bitterly about the failure of the card reader to verify his Permanent Voter Card (PVC) just as he faulted the disclosure by an electoral officer at his Odu Ward 1 Unit in Anyigba that there were few incidence forms.

These glaring incidents, Mr. Wada observed, was a clear indication that the election would not be credible.

Wada said: “There was a failure of the card reader. How can that happen? In a single election, one day in the whole of Nigeria? How can we have card reader incidents? INEC said they were providing backups.

“There are so many people here who are going to be completely disenfranchised. This is wrong!

“They said they have few incidence forms and there is no photocopy machine here! So, how are people going to vote?

“It seems to be a deliberate attempt to frustrate the whole process. I am going to call the REC now when I leave here, and I hope that they can do something about it.

“Most Nigerians were looking forward to this election. Before I came here, I believed that the whole process was free and fair, with the massive security”.

Meanwhile, despite the incident with the card reader and his wife, Halima’s missing name in the voter register, the governor and first lady of Kogi State have cast their votes.

Gov. Wada cast his vote at about 3.40pm.

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