Editor’s note: It is obvious that many Nigerians and NAIJ.com readers are getting aware of this current pyramid scheme that is trending and called MMM Nigeria, which promises 30% return on investment (ROI) after 30 days.

However, Bello Temitope, one of the NAIJ.com readers, argues with those who are criticising this controversial money doubling scheme called MMM.

MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

Your relentless attack on MMM is noted. Once upon a time, your reporting was pure unbiased and factual but a change in your style was noted some two to three years ago. Most worrisome is your malicious attacks on MMM. To what end and purpose, I fail to understand. Nevertheless, I’m likewise starting my own campaign to friends and family.

Before criticising MMM, did you bother to study MMM’s ideology? I’m sure it’s a capital no.

Do you participate in MMM? I’m more than sure it’s another No!

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Again, is Sergei Mavrodi a Nigerian that he can steal our money through his account?

Is Sergei’ pseudonym ‘Adebiyi Chukwumerije Mohammed’ that through his Bank can steal our money?

Bello Temitope

Bello Temitope

Why did the South African government after initial doubt of MMM now embrace it and even encouraging jobless citizens to join MMM?

Is the hopelessness and hunger that pervades the land for you a means to an end? Isn’t this better than the 10 cups of rice your political cronies dish out to buy gullible Nigerian’s votes? Has MMM ever stolen anyone’s money in Nigeria? What exactly is your stress about MMM?

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Many Nigerians are getting their hopes rekindled but for you, the status quo you and your expired political cronies and associates must be maintained at all cost.

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