Comedian Okey Bakassi gives small expo to bachelors

Comedian and actor Okey Bakassi dished out some marriage nuggets for his fellow men. Although not all men will agree with the Comedian he is proofing a point. He says that if a person believes that men and women do not have equal rights, the person should not bother to marry. Okey has been married for 17 years now so he advises can come in handy.

He said:

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”If you do not believe that a man and a woman have equal rights, don’t bother about marriage. If you are looking for a woman to worship and serve you, do not marry an educated woman. If you are insecure and too jealous, don’t marry a woman who is beautiful. But if you are looking for a woman who would give and raise beautiful children with you, take you to the next level, support you in times of need, marry a beautiful woman who is hardworking and educated and has a mind of her own. Don’t carry somebody’s daughter to punish her’

Watch his video below


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