Another Saturday is around the corner and we’re sure someone’s getting so nervous as he/she has been chosen to make a toast at a wedding! Well, first, a toast is meant to honor the person, not embarrass them.
It‘s also not your chance to let a bunch of people know what a riot you are. Toasts should be polite, personal, simple, and sincere! We understand that finding the right words can be difficult, especially when you’re stressed and you probably haven’t done it before.
Well,  if you aren’t comfortable with public speaking that can just make it worse. But, we’re here to help!
Even if you’re nervous, it’s quite important to look and act confident. Maintain good posture, use a strong voice.
When you start, look directly into the eyes of the bride. Of course, you’ll need to give everyone some eye contact, especially when you are telling them who are, but be sure to look back to the bride and groom when you tell your stories.
Most of the toast should be delivered to the eyes of the bride and groom, but some eye contact can be shared with everyone.
Here’s a few point to note!
Stand up.
Look around and check that all glasses (including yours) are full before making the toast. There should be wine, champagne, palmy or something that looks like wine or champagne in your glass, as toasting with water is offensive in some cultures.
Raise your glass to the person you’re toasting.
While many people associate making a toast with tapping the side of your glass with a utensil, consider that you might damage fine crystal at a formal affair. To play it safe, say “I’d like to make a toast” in a firm voice and wait.
Announce your relationship to the couple.
Some people at the wedding might not know who you are, so making this clear at the beginning will avoid any confusion. Bring your glass down as you start to speak, but continue holding it in one hand (unless you’re holding both a microphone and notes).
Give the speech.
Look at the person you’re toasting to, but also shift eye contact towards the guests occasionally. You’ll want to keep the toast short, three or four minutes only. Just be who you are. Share your natural personality – if you are a naturally funny person then go ahead and include lots of humor, but if you are a more serious person, keep it genuine. If you deliver a sincere toast from your heart it will be a big success.
End the toast on a positive note.
Include a formal indication to inform them of the ending of the toast and what to say next. For example: “Let us now toast the happiness of Iniobong and Emem. To Iniobong and Emem!” As you say this, wave your glass to all, then tip it towards the person you are toasting to, or clink their glass if you’re close enough. Then clink your glass gently with those around you and sip (don’t gulp or chug) your drink.
Please NOTE!!!
It’s highly inappropriate for a drunken uncle, the hired help or a jilted ex-lover to make an impromptu wedding toast!!
Now that you know what to do, go out there and make us proud! Happy weekend! Don’t forget to share you ‘Toasting’ experience with us!

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