We the college of Youth Leaders exhaustively deliberated on a number of germane issues of the three Local Government Areas that makes up the Federal Constituency. After more than three hours of serious and sincere deliberations, we reflected on our past as a people and we introspected on the current security issues, the college arrived at and agreed on the following:
That as people of Abak Federal Constituency, we are very sympathetic with the people of Ukanafun, Etim Ekpo and Ika L. G. As that have been ravaged by unwarranted act of criminality in the past three years which had resulted in the loss of several lives and property, we are aware of the sincere effort of our dear Governor, His Excellency, Mr Udom Emmanuel and other security agencies in tracking down the criminals with a view to returning normalcy to the affected areas.

We are also aware that some people, led especially by Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon are trying to politicize these criminal acts by framing up innocent persons from Etim Ekpo including our leader Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, for arrest by Police men from the Inspector General’s office. We know Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem as a great son of Annang land who hates violence and shows serious disdain and hatred for crimes and criminals of all sorts.

It is obvious that since the Abak Federal Constituency Stakeholders meeting of August 25, 2017, which sanctioned the rotation of the federal seat from Etim Ekpo to Abak, a position Emmanuel Ekon has unprecedentedly benefited from for two consecutive terms, he, Emmanuel Ekon has become severely unsettled and therefore seeks to pour his vengeance on leaders of the federal constituency and has singled out Barr. Enoidem and Udeme Eduo for arrest based on a petition he fabricated using non-existing persons. The petition Emmanuel Ekon forwarded to the IGP was signed by two fake persons who do not exist at all.

The public is hereby advised to discountenance the purported warning and threats allegedly issued by some people of Utit Annang and Obong Clans against Barr. Enoidem as complete falsehood, fabrication and figment of Emmanuel Ekon’s imagination as people who attended the said meeting said there was no communique issued at any time during or after the meeting or signed by any one in attendance. The list attached to the purported communique was an attendance sheet and not the endorsement of any communique.

It is important to remind Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon that the youths of the Federal Constituency considered the public statement he issued immediately after the Federal Constituency Stakeholders meeting very offensive, especially the description of the meeting attended by all well meaning Elders/ Stakeholders including a sitting Deputy Governor of the State, His Excellency, Mr Moses Ekpo, MFR as “purported”.

We advise all Politicians to desist from using the present security situation as a means to seek low-priced political point through needless petitions and paid write-ups as such will not bring about needed armistice and tranquility in Etim Ekpo L.G.A and the Federal Constituency

The college of Youth Leaders observed with dismay that our member representing our federal constituency Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon has not briefed the federal constituency since his return to the green chamber as a second term member and therefore urge him to come and brief the federal constituency instead of spending money to insult and harass those that God used to send him to the Federal House.

In view of the above, we the accredited leaders of the youths of Abak/ Etim Ekpo/ Ika Federal Constituency, whom you referred to the REAL STAKEHOLDERS in the letter issued immediately after the Federal Constituency Stakeholders meeting hereby pass a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on Rt. Hon Emmanuel Ekon and hereby give him an ultimatum of sixty days with effect from today to apologize to the Leaders/Elders of the Federal constituency and brief his constituents or stand to be recalled.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Akwa Ibom State
Long live the Abak federal constituency
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