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“I hate my job. I know everyone hates their job, but I hate mine in a way that is making it really, really, really hard for me to keep doing it. I think about quitting everyday. I have fantasies of walking up to my boss, saying, I quit, and then leaving and feeling so good. But it’s absolutely not an option. I have no savings. I have…”see more after the cut…


I have bills. I have so many bills. I NEED this job. “Get another job” you may say. But as you know the way it is with our economy, I cannot physically or emotionally fathom applying for and getting another job. Just reading through job posting ads makes me feel like I’ll never be able to do anything ever again cos’ I’ve applied and applied nothing good comes out.
Just when I’ve been promised the job, I hear one story or the other.
Not only that it would be a very public snubbing of the founder of our company and I’ve seen how spiteful and vindictive he can be.
I have been miserable in my job as an executive at a tech startup.  My boss crushes my spirit at least 4 times a day.  He makes everybody in the company feel like everything they do is utter dogsh@#$ including me. I have been feeling trapped as I need the “charity of a salary” to support my family.
I pretty hate my work environment, but it’s hard to walk away from a job these days. Even if it is in HELL. Because I have responsibilities, bills to pay and children to “educate”. I can’t just quit it all, can I? That would be irresponsible and selfish. At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me.
Every day I have to literally drag myself out of bed to spend 15 or more hours of my day in a place where I feel unhappy, unfulfilled, or unappreciated. YES! 15 HOURS. Wake up 5am to beat traffic, wait till 8pm to beat traffic again.
My job is so stressful and I can’t keep my head above water anymore. I’m crabby to my family. My boss is evil. My co-workers are annoying. I hate my job tasks. But I can’t leave – I need the paycheck!
Did I mention how much I hate my job?
I’m the eldest with my old parents to look after. My younger ones are not doing better. Infact both of them applied to do Masters since they’ve been out of jobs for over 5 years.
We met our very good family friend at this same company. Like me she is really unhappy with her job. It’s not that she’s having a bad week or a hard day, it’s been years of dissatisfaction, feeling unfulfilled, medicating with food on the way to work, and wanting something more.
With her daily commute, office hours and the work that lingers after work, she spends at least 10 hours a day devoted to her job. And that doesn’t count all of the time and energy she spends thinking about how much she hates her job. She agonizes over the fact that she is doing something that makes her miserable and something she doesn’t care about.
She is compromising her health, happiness and relationships for a paycheck. She is overwhelmed and stuck in fear, resistance and uncertainty. This is a true story and if you aren’t in this situation, it might sound dramatic, but it’s real. It’s real for my friend, it is real for so many of you and it IS my reality too.
My wife is not left out. She had to return from maternity leave before the routine leave ended just because the company laid off some staff and now short of staff. She’s so emotional, feels guilty and depressed about leaving our 6-week old son everyday at that tender age.
For how long are we going to continue like this?
We were shown this Food Business and with a little training in a short while, my wife and I now both average N310,000+ per week. By the way Africa’s richest man Billionaire Aliko Dangote is into the Food Industry and look where it got him. Food business is BIG Business and its NOT limited to women.
Yes, I understand that this looks like a SCAM and its okay to doubt. BUT…and it’s a BIG but, life-changing opportunities sometimes come from almost unbelievable sources.
Last week Saturday on Oct. 24thwe showed this Incredible Food Business to Mrs. Ajike as advertised on LIB and right at the event she started her business using the POS with N108,000. By Wednesday Oct. 28th (3 working days later) she started her business with N108,000 and she’s already made close to N100,000.
Right now, my wife, our family friend and I are out of our depressing jobs. We work when we want to…with people we enjoy working with while making 10 times our salaries combined. Guess what! I’ve never been out of the country before (who “dash” me with that kind of salary) but we are spending this Christmas and New year at Dubai with our two kids – all expenses paid for by this Food business.
Our story is not unique to us. We are just two out of countless Nigerians who were TIRED of being perpetually broke, looked out for an opportunity and reached out to do it.
If all you ever needed to earn N91,000 daily was a one-time investment of N108k, would you want to know about it? 
If yes, then this Food Business is open to everyone who wants to be like us or be the next Mrs. Ajike.
This is why on Saturday, November 7th at 11am sharp, we will be re-launching this Food Business in Lagos at the special event place here. (Abuja – Nov. 14th, Port Harcourt – Nov. 28th Benin and Warri dates coming shortly).
Five(5)  important things:
1. If you want to be part of this launch, Register for FREE by clicking on the link below 
Entrance fee is N3,000 which covers training & materials.
Opportunity exists to start on the spot and you can read Mrs. Ajike’s 3-day shocking story at
2. Can’t attend but you are based in Nigeria? We have a plan for you. Register for FREE at 
3. Entrance fee is N3,000 which covers training & materials.
Lagos Date: Saturday, November 7th2015.
Abuja Date: Saturday, November 14th2015.
PH Date: Saturday, November 28th2015.
(Benin & Warri dates coming shortly)
4. If you feel frustrated about your job or salary and are STUCK because of NOT enough money or a better offer, you’re not alone. Myself and hundreds of others felt the same way and DID something about it. What’s holding you back? How long would you continue this way? Its less than 8 weeks to Christmas and the New Year 2016. Would you give up on yourself? NO!
“See a Man in NEED, give him a JOB, see a Man with a DESIRE to do GREAT things, give him an OPPORTUNITY”.  Which are you, A Needy Person or A Person with Huge Desires? 
5. In our last LIB article, someone made a comment like “You’ve already made it why put a gate fee of N3,000?” Well, we put a gate fee to WEED OUT unserious people, we don’t want secondary school children or the likes who only think someone is out to get money out of them.
Forgetting that it takes Passion to cause Changes and Changes come with Commitment.
“Teach a Passionate man ONE skill and He’ll have a MILLION Dollar Business in no time, but teach a man WITHOUT Passion a Million Skills and he will be a Million Times Broke & Frustrated.” Which are you, A Needy Person or A Person with Passion?
Oh, by the way, you can read our previous article on LIB titled “Emotional Letter To People Whose Spouse Is Underpaid – By A Wife” HERE!

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