Ed the Inseminator has 106 children

We have recently discovered a man who has sex with women to help get them pregnant, insisting he’s just providing a service for those who are looking to create a family.

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Ed who now has 106 children, all of whom he knows barring just two. is a sperm donor who helps women who are struggling to conceive.

Known as ‘Ed the Inseminator,’ the Holland native, who has triple the average sperm count, doesn’t charge the women and sees “creating a new life” as his reward.

Speaking with media personality, Jodie Marsh in her new TLC documentary, “Jodie Marsh is Making Babies”, Ed explains why women are queuing up to use his special serviced

“I’m a private sperm donor and I help people who cannot have children because they need a sperm cell and a bit of luck.

“Some women say to me, ‘I never grew up imagining a Prince Charming on a white horse with a syringe and I want the creation of my child to be a moment that I can remember as warm and intimate.'”

He reveals that he prefers to have sex with the women rather than artificial insemination, saying: “In my experience natural works faster.”


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During the documentary a couple who have used Ed’s services in their quest to get pregnant were also interviewed.

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