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Bisi’s appearance in my dream all but confirmed the pervert in me, but that was as much as it got because I would not allow her destroy a career which I had not started.

While I was sleeping in front of the Course Adviser’s office, I suddenly saw the luscious lady turn back and ask if I wanted to take a walk round the school premises since the person I wanted to see was not around yet. I agreed.

Like a lamb going to the slaughter, she held my hand and said she was going to show me every necessary place I needed to see as a student of the oldest institution in Nigeria.


First, we went to Business Administration Studies (BAMS) building and saw a lot of chic babes there, all engaging in one activity or the other, we went to Babylon (a hostel where male and female were in the same building), we went to Bakkassi, another hostel within the premises and then, the most popular Akata Hall of residence for the ladies.

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She took me into the reception of Akata hall and suggested that we go into one of the rooms after taking a bottle of soft drinks each. At first, I disagreed, because I was not sure guys were allowed into the rooms, but after much persuasion, I obliged, with the sole excuse that we would tell people who asked that I was her brother.

As soon as we got into a room, there were chants of “Bisi, Bisi” everywhere, to suggest that the lady with me was a very famous individual on campus.

“Na your brother be this, abi na where you see this fine, fresh dude?” some of the ladies asked her.

Bisi simply smiled and nodded to their questions in the affirmative.

“Please, you guys should leave the room, I want to have a chat with my brother. Please o, don’t rape him for me because he is a virgin,” the lady leading us was telling her friends, still dragging my hands.

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The girls were giggling and smiling, chattering away as they returned to their respective rooms. There seemed to be a level of cooperation among the ladies as they all kept quiet almost at the same time.

I sized up the rooms, they looked like the routine hostels that I was accustomed to, but the stuff that I saw hanging from each of the rooms made me have a rethink whether we were in a brothel of some sort or not.

Now settled inside the room on the first floor, Bisi and I were simply gisting about life on campus (she was doing more of that) and I was just smiling and thanking her for making me more relaxed on campus than I thought.

“But, why did you bring me here?” I asked.

She simply smiled and said that she had liked me from the first moment that she saw me and wanted us to get to know each other better.

She soon started undressing in front of me because according to her, “I really need to shower, the sun has been really hot. Care to join me?”

The newly-built administrative building of the Yaba College of Technology, LagosThe newly-built administrative building of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos

Despite that we were in a dream, I remembered that my mum had asked me to always remember the bible verses that we were always studying in the morning, so I told her that, “I think you can go on your own, I shall be here waiting for you.”

Bisi reluctantly stepped into the bathroom which was en suite and  I could hear the water trickling down as she stayed in the bathroom.

At the time, I was already started feeling hot. My legs seemed as if they were shaking because I was scared and was unsure of what she might be up to after taking her bath.

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Before I could come out of my thoughts, lo and behold… Bisi was standing nude right in front of me, smiling and holding out her towel to me as if to say I should come and help clean her up.

I was shell-locked and all I could do was stare. I knew that I had heard about those tales before, I had watched them in movies before and had also read about them in books, but to think that it would happen to me face-to-face was something that never crossed my mind.

Without waiting for my response, Bisi came down on me and thrust her frontals at me. In my naivety, I took her into my hands and was ‘cooperating’ although I was in a panicky mood.

I was still groping at the oranges when I got a hot slap on my face!

“What’s wrong with you, young man?” came the voice after the deafening slap. “Where do you think you are?” the questions continued.

By now, I was sweating profusely, and was very confused. Alas! I had been pulling the hands of the Course Adviser who had returned from her trip to ‘God knows where’.

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I quickly apologised to her and said: “sorry ma, I was dreaming, I had been waiting for you to return all evening.”

With those words, she stepped into her office and when I made to follow her, she simply motioned to me to stay outside.

The students queue uo to receive their food

I sat at the door again, going through the dream I had just been awoken from, “could this be a figment of my imagination? Is Bisi really interested in me? Will she do this to me? Have I not landed in serious trouble?”

And while I was still in my thoughts, guess who appeared? Bisi!

But she seemed unperturbed by my presence as she just passed and went her way.

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Finally, I went into the office, and after checking all my papers, the Course Adviser, asked me to bring some other documents the next day.

I heaved a sigh of relief (even while tying this part) and thought, I think I have had enough of this place for today. I was already hungry and when I checked the time, we were approaching 3.00pm.

When I returned to the classroom, others had left, so I just put myself in order and left the school premises.

Thus, my first day on campus ended with mixed feelings.

In the next series, we shall discuss how I settled down for lectures, how lecturers were tormenting me because of Bisi, my experience with cult guys, among other issues.

PS: Note that this is a combination of reality and fiction; the writer’s experience and a little bit of fiction, based on the writer’s imaginations.

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