In a video which has gone viral on social media, a Nigerian soldier was seen challenging the Boko Haram terrorist group to a fight.

The soldier was seen shouting ” Boko Haram, come let’s fight.

house of borah 6th anniversary

“If you don’t come out to fight, we won’t leave here. So you have to come so we can fight to finish. Alahu Akbar!

“I thought you said you have power. You should come out so we can fight. If we don’t fight, we won’t leave. You hear me? If you don’t come out to fight, we won’t leave here. Allahu Akbar!”

Another soldier was also heard saying; “They haven’t seen anything yet.”

The short video which is already trending on social media was uploaded by a soldier @official bennision on his Instagram account.

However, it was gathered from Sahara Reporters that it has not yet been ascertained when and where the video was recorded.

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