Adeniyi Johnson, Martyna Wojciechowska


Adeniyi Johnson hits out at a blogger for writing a wrong story about him.

Adeniyi Johnson who is the husband of Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu has responded to a story of him crushing on a white woman.

Early this morning today (November 2) Adeniyi Johnson shared a picture of him with a white woman Martyna Wojciechowska who is the Editor in chief of National Geographic Poland magazine, host of popular travel TV series “Woman at the End of the World.

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In the caption Adeniyi Johnson wrote “I need to ask my mum some questions… how come same nose, same eyes, same lips and same everything?.. our resemblance no be here…@martyna.official @martyna.officia shes crushing I’m crushing….#formymind #40yearswoman… #Godownsmylife #Godblessourhustle #GODOVERALL…… wish u all a great week…..abeg be Nice with ur comments na joke…..


Apparently a blogger wrote about Adeniyi Johnson’s new ‘crush’, and the actor wasn’t too happy about it. In his response the actor wrote “My naija people I hail ooo…. despite all the hashtags and Caption on my last post with oyinbo woman…. some HUNGRY & STUPID blogger don change am go write rubbish o… All dis halfbaked journalist …..Abeg make una help me storm their page and give them the 20mins fame they want make them free myself o.. pls, pls, and pls do this for ur loyal guy.


Last week Adeniyi Johnson wrote a message many believed was directed to his wife on Instagram.

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