A woman doubles in weight over 5 years and finally schedules an appointment with her doctor

Most people are afraid of doctors and tend to avoid them. However, at the same time most people worry about their health and schedule a visit from time to time just to make sure that everything works fine.

But this woman from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was too afraid of doctors to check her condition when it started to show up. She actually avoided going to the doctor for five years and it had nearly fatal results. Over the course of these five years she developed an enormous growth in her abdomen that had to be operated as soon as possible…


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(This article contains graphic images!)

This is Mercedes Telemontes who refused to go to the doctor for 5 years. During that time, she had developed an enormous tumor in her abdomen.


She had grown from 143 to 275 pounds, and her daughter finally convinced her to arrange an appointment. She was rushed into surgery right away!

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There was the enormous growth ballooning inside her which disturbed woman’s breathing and movement. It had to be removed as soon as possible or it could be fatal. The doctors at Cabo San Lucas IMSS Hospital got to work immediately.


The surgical team was led by Dr. Gilberto Inzunza Salazar. They spent four hours in surgery working hard to save life. They discovered that the tumor had developed in her ovaries and moved into her abdominal cavity. It was nearly half of Mercedes’ bodyweight!


The relief of having it removed was amazing. Mercedes said, “I feel like a new woman. In fact, after the surgery when I took my first steps, I felt like I was walking on air.” According to the doctors, it was the largest ovarian tumor ever.

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Mercedes needs a couple more surgeries to repair her abdomen, but other than that she can resume her life. What an experience though!

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