It was over the news a few days ago that Akwa Ibom State governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, named Senator Aloysius Etuk as his campaign manager for the 2015 senatorial election, The Punch newspaper reported. The Punch also quoted Gov. Akpabio as saying, “This is the first time the Senators are going to know that Senator Aloysius will be my campaign manager during the senatorial election in the state in 2015.”
In a chat on a radio magazine programme ‘Akwa Ibom Today’ on AKBC Radio 90.5 FM, Uyo, Senator Aloysuis Etuk fired back saying “Akpabio must as a matter of fact respect my office if he does not respect me like I respect his office of the governor which also covers me. So respect is reciprocal. As for the governor seeking to go the senate, I have told him that there is no vacancy in the senate. He can look elsewhere. If he needs a vacancy to be filled, let him look into the state execute council vacancy and fill; but in the senate no vacancy because the people I’m representing have not told me they have finished with me. They have not told me that I’m not going to the senate again. However, if the governor wants to go to the senate, I should be the first person he should consult because I’m the one holding the mandate even if I was a cripple and he wants my office and my chair. If he doesn’t talk with me, that means that I will hold the chair and the chair will be broken. The governor must know that.” 
We expect more drama to unfold as 2015 general elections draw close.
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