According to close friends of Lekan Abanikonda, he was arrested and has been in police custody for 3 days. They claim his offence is wandering. When did they start arresting people for wandering in Lagos?

His employer said he was actually on his way back from Shomolu where he’d gone to print paper bags when he was stopped by police officers. He supposedly showed them his I.D card but was still taken to Alakara police station on Agege motor road where he was locked up. All efforts to have him released has so far proved abortive.

The community CDA chairman  and executives have gone to the station to bail him and identify him but have not succeeded. He hasn’t been charged with any offence and this is the 3rd day. He is said to be the sole benefactor of his family.

Is the police supposed to hold anyone for more than  24 hours without charging them? Biko, Lekan needs to be released asap or charged if he committed any offense…

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