The testimonies of how the internet has made life easy constantly increases exponentially, the most recent being by Mr. Akan Aquaisua, the chief promoter of the latest sensation and revolution in shopping in South-South Nigeria , who found time out of his busy marketing and planning schedule to share his experience on his new venture in a ‘virgin land’. 
Mr. Aquisua made the comment while reviewing his venture 3 months into online marketing and running of the first online supermarket in this part of the country.
“We are out to make life easy for our people, after the stress of working for money, our customers shouldn’t find it hard to shop for quality items and have it delivered at their doorstep, Emdah is poised to take good advantage of the digital age to meet the needs of the citizens, we have manufacturers guarantee, flexible payment options and we have partnered with the Courier company owned by Access Bank to assure safe and on-time delivery of all goods ordered on our platform.”
Emdah Stores is an offspring of Emdah Group of Companies, Estate Developers & Manufacturers of Nylon Bags and treated bottle and sachet water with operational experience in Abuja. 
For Emdah Stores, asides running the physical store on 124, Aka Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, they run a mobile store on Facebook which allows for easy online shopping for any item, with daily special offers on their Facebook page Emdah Stores Mobile, on twitter @emdah_stores or their official website
Emdah Stores is introducing a new innovation in shopping – representing reliable brands, just your typical online retailer selling provisions and household items on the internet. Few years or Months ago in Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom state, it would have been somewhat impossible to sit at home and place orders for fast moving consumer goods and have them delivered in ten minutes, it usually had to take hours or days, as it had to come from/ through Lagos. 
Emdah boss affirmed “E-marketing and Doorstep delivery business is promising in Akwa Ibom, especially because of the good roads and ease of traffic, this service is now enjoyed by Nigerians in the South-South, with those in Uyo enjoying free delivery”.
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