Editor’s note:  Emmanuel Ekanem, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, explains to Nigerians why there is no such thing as easy money.

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Easy money

Why does everyone keep banging on about easy money – there is no such thing. We see a lot of Nigerians with the idea that they can make money easily in one way or the other.

We also see advertisers of different networking schemes with the notion that “YOU CAN MAKE HUGE CASH EASY.”

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I am all for the idea of making an easy buck one way or another but the truth is, it doesn’t come easy. Even those of you out there making the big bucks now would have had to start somewhere.. It didn’t just start out of a big puff of smoke.

There seems to be a few people out there touting that you can make piles of money without basically working more than a few hours a week.

Granted I understand if you’re an investor and you have worked your tail off for years and years and youre sitting on some solid investments that provide good returns thats one thing and I know in some cases this is a similar set up in IM, the crux of the matter is, there would have had to have been some hard work behind the scenes to get there.

While it’s hard to not get distracted by the gurus, I would prefer to hear the realistic side of the business and not the lofty millionaire stories of the super-rich telling me that my bank account is about to go gangbusters, if I start selling one simple product.

Let’s be honest, the path to success is time-consuming and like every other job you have to start from the bottom and make your way up this process can take years and it isn’t all going to be easy.

My take on this (and I am only early into running my own business) would be to aim to do the following:

1. Maintain a slow pattern of growth and refine your service as you grow so you can recognise and react to opportunities

2. Invest in support whether it be casual or part time etc as you need it – human capital will be needed at some point- not everything can be automated.

3. Make sure your cash flow is working for your business.

4. Have a plan for your business – don’t just fly by the seat of your pants.

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From the above writings, you will notice that no money comes easily – hard work is required.

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