As audition for Nigeria’s Got Talent comes to an end, we saw actress Kate Henshaw in a new light yesterday, as the show hit Benin, Abuja and Calabar. “I’m just so emotional. I didn’t give you a chance, I judged by what I saw, it’s there I am sorry” she says to twenty six years old Jude James in Benin amidst tears. The attendance in Benin, Abuja and Calabar was massive, the talents were impressive, and for the talentless? It was an easy task to show them the door.“I know Nigeria’s Got Talents, but this is torture” Dan Foster says to a group from Abuja, “I hated it, every bit of it” Henshaw on the other hand was quick to say to Forty Eight years old Ndanyomo Ogbonnaya.

“The content you have is so bland and tasteless, even underground average, you no reach” Yibo Koko says to Peter Nweke

All over the world talents in search of the big break scramble to audition for The Got Talent series. And as a matter of fact we should be expecting more with Nigeria’s Got Talent. The country is buzzing with enormous talent, And with Dan Foster, Yibo Koko and Kate Henshaw, the bar has been set even higher.

Episode 5 PT. 1:
Episode 5 PT. 2:
Episode 5 PT. 3:
Episode 5 PT. 4:

As the Culling episode approaches, judges are expected to narrow the number of contestants down to 100, and then 50.

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