Chinese Horoscope


The Chinese believe that the animals also affect the characters of people, just like the western astrology signs

The Chinese follow a zodiac pattern that is represented by various animals. They believe that the animals also affect the characters of people, just like the western astrology signs do.

Here is what says about the Chinese Horoscope

Rat: Exert your independence early this week. A good relationship benefits from honesty. Expect important lessons through seemingly ordinary events midweek. This week is ideal for research and problem solving. Persevere until you get to the bottom of things. A sudden argument is possible at week’s end. You could be feeling particularly feisty. This is a fine weekend for rest, relaxation, and sensual pleasures. Take time to celebrate.

Ox: Stand on your own early this week. You could find it stressful to surrender longstanding dreams, but you might discover that change can be liberating. Reexamine relationships that require habitual sacrifice. Your feelings could be especially strong midweek. Week’s end threatens uninvited stress from aggressive women. Watch what you say. Take the lead concerning home and family projects this weekend. Sunday is an ideal day to enjoy yourself.

Tiger: This week you can encourage friends to be more independent. Early week may bring sudden intuitive insights concerning an important relationship. Conflict about your needs could create emotional situations in a close relationship, especially if you feel unappreciated. Avoid any impulse toward self-pity midweek. Humor is your friend. A need to break free could trigger a big change this weekend. Get out with friends. Spend more time outside to improve your spirits.

Rabbit: A situation this week could demand greater independence. Don’t react out of hurt feelings. Midweek could bring unexpected news concerning an important relationship. Week’s end could bring surprising or disappointing news. Some delays are actually in your best interests. Sort out your finances this weekend. This could mean creating a new budget or master plan for getting out of debt. Have fun with close friends. It’s a good time for a fresh start.

Dragon: This is an excellent time for a party with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can just sit and chat. You may be too focused on one particular area of your life. Friends can help bring some perspective. Be cautious midweek. Events can see emotions running high, particularly with the family. This could spill into issues of control over the weekend. Spend time close to nature on Sunday.

Snake: Early this week you may realize a situation isn’t what you’d expected. It should be easier to understand the real feelings behind people’s actions. Your ability to work cooperatively brings progress at work or any arena where you need to be recognized and get ahead. Week’s end could bring a passionate encounter. The weekend offers an opportunity to break free and move in a new direction. Sunday is a lucky day for a new start.

Horse: This is a positive week to redefine a close relationship. Harmless flirting can sometimes cause unintentional misunderstandings. Job-related concerns are important midweek. You have a chance to repair a longstanding difficulty. Do your research in any area where money is to be spent. Avoid leaping before you look. Week’s end brings opinionated people. If you can, get away this weekend and enjoy the beauty of nature. Sunday is a lovely time to make a resolution.

Goat: The week begins with a focus on fun with good friends. You might need to give up certain pet expectations midweek. The more you reveal about yourself the better. Events at week’s end could bring the chance to expand your horizons. Do some research concerning travel, education, or any dream that has been long neglected. The weekend favors quiet time at home. Appreciate all you have. Sunday is an ideal time to make some future plans.

Monkey: Ambitious plans demand your attention this week. The challenge is to organize all the parts of any project so things run smoothly. Don’t neglect commitments. It’s better to honestly do your best than make excuses. Be alert midweek. There’s a chance of theft or loss. Try not to contribute to an argument at week’s end. Emotions could run high. Allow someone to have a different opinion. Rest at home this weekend.

Rooster: You have a wonderful ability to understand people’s motives this week. This will help in any area where you need to take the lead. It’s an excellent week to improve your appearance. Week’s end could be very romantic if you’re open to it. Avoid letting past expectations cloud your judgment. Be open to another’s viewpoint. Strong opinions threaten arguments at week’s end. Get in touch with the beauty of nature.

Dog: An independently minded friend could offer help and support early this week. You might have to face some difficult but important lessons. Is your life working? Should you be moving in a new direction? Midweek is ideal for research and solving complex issues. Be as honest as possible. Week’s end is very promising for a romantic date. Focus on maintenance and repair of cars and other machinery at week’s end. The beauty of nature can restore your spirits this weekend.

Pig: An enthusiastic person could be irritating early this week. Be patient. You may be led to make an unexpected decision midweek. This period is excellent for legal contracts, travel, or educational plans. Delaying something unpleasant could mean more work and expense later. You may be grumbling under your breath about who is boss at week’s end. The weekend is good for research on any subject. Spend time talking to a good friend on Sunday.

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