PRECIOUS EWA a.k.a Supersonic Blaze is not a new name in the music and entertainment scene in Nigeria. Supersonic Blaze is the CEO of How Much is Money and Supersonic Blaze Entertainment Limited. This down to earth, calm, collected, futuristic dude is quite determined to use his music to enlighten and entertain people without culture, age and gender barriers.

Born with a silver spoon to parents in the legal profession, Supersonic’s pursuit of Music career initially seemed almost impossible, but through consistency, perseverance, and hard work he was able to pave a way.

In short, he sharpened his silver spoon into a golden sword. His adventurous nature is what drives him towards his desire.

Supersonic Blaze as a stage name was actually derived name from his love for video games and comic books-Supersonic means speed of sound while BLAZE means shine. Both words combined, gives you Supersonicblaze….

Supersonicblaze calls his music “Afrodelic” a mixture of Afrobeats and techno/ trance sounds which he draws from his Nigerian origins and his exposure to the western culture.

Though he produces his music, he refers to himself as a sound designer. In his own words “My first demo was on a Maxell chrome tape” This shows his experience as a recording artiste.

Supersonic Blaze hopes to bring Sony Music to Akwa Ibom, and with them, he hopes to create a bigger export market for talents in this part of Nigeria.

If you wanna know more…follow him on twitter @Supersonicblaze 

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