Most people won’t believe this but history archives confirm it is 100% true – it is about an ancient king who deflowered 7 girls a day for 14 straight years. No kidding.

As an expert on Men’s sexual health at B3Boost, I discovered his story while researching why men of nowadays lack sexual stamina and can’t perform like a man in bed.


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By the way, according to the history website, the name of the man who disvirgined 37,800 women from 1770 – 1784 (14 years) is King Fatefehi of Tonga.

Maybe he had too much time on his hands, who cares?
What interests me in his story is his obvious sexual strength.

Most men of nowadays can’t even have sex 3 times in a week not to talk of 7 times a day because they are weak and handicapped by various sexual problems such as:
– Weak and soft erections
– Inability to last longer than 3 minutes.
– Inability to go more than one round in bed Etc

From my research, most of these problems are linked to the foods we eat these days and our lifestyle.
But you can explode your sexual energy just by following this proven 15 minutes erection booster therapy.

A real man should be strong in bed and blindly swallowing drug after drugs won’t help you a lot.

Here is my advice:
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It will make you a better and stronger man.
It will explode your manpower and sexual energy.
And it will also help you overcome all traces of erectile dysfunction

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