Forty two years after she was presumed dead by the police, a woman named Betsy Langjahr has reportedly returned in the flesh.

A bust of the body found in 1973. Photo- AP


Police presumed that Betsy Langjahr was dead 42-years ago. Photo: AP

The police is said to be in fix over the appearance of the lady whose body was allegedly found and certified dead.

State trooper, Nathan Trate, told the Washington Post he had been in touch with Betsy.

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Nathan confirmed that she is in fact very much alive: “She had no idea we thought she was dead.”

Betsy’s estranged family were surprised to hear Pennsylvania police saying her body may have been dumped in 1973.

Bill Langjahr, Betsy’s older brother, told the New York Daily News: “Her son heard her name on the news and goes, ‘that’s my mom!’”

Bill said the surprised 26-year-old son, who was born 16 years after her apparent ‘death’, called the police to tell them there had been some kind of a mix up.

According to Bill, his estranged sister had recently married and taken her new husband’s name, a development which he thinks might explain why officers had trouble tracking her down.

A recent move to unravel the 4-decades-old cold case, officers unveiled, a forensic bust of the victim last week.

They said it could belong to Betsy – who was a missing teenage runaway at the time.

The unveiling of the bust was the first time anyone in Betsy’s family had heard her name linked to the 1973 murder.

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Bill said he looked at the bust, and refused that it was his sister, adding that it did not look a thing like her.

Pennsylvania police thought they had cracked a 42-year-old murder case by identifying the slain Jane Doe, however, it turned out that their suspected victim is alive and in good health.

The new 3-D rendering confirmed that Jane Doe is not Betsy Langjahr.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old man who was found unconscious and presumed dead, miraculously came back to life moments before he was to be dissected by morgue workers in Mumbai, India.

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