Tokyo 2020 delay delights Dalung

Andrew Abah, Abuja

Former Minister of Youth and Sports Development Barrister Solomon Dalung has applauded the  International Olympic Committee  (IOC) for shifting Tokyo  2020 Olympic Games due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Dalung said as much in an interview with NationSport, adding  the health of the athletes must be given priority ahead of any  commercial gains that may be accruable  in the hosting of  the Olympics.

“You see, if the International Olympic Committee had insisted, the world would’ve embarrassed the international body and it would have turned out to be that only Japan will be competing against themselves,” declared Dalung.

“  If super powers in sports like America, United Kingdom, Canada , Australia and other European nations pulled out,  where is the Olympics?

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“  Also I can assure you that many Asian and African countries would have joined them.  I know Japan had spent a lot of money to put the best facilities in place for the Games but the safety of the actors  (athletes ) and officials are very important.

” I also feel their pains because a lot of resources have gone into preparations, training tours and kits for the games but the competition is for the living and not for  the  dead.

“I therefore commended  the decision of both the Japanese organisers and IOC  to shift the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to 2021,” added  Dalung.

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