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*Building The Industry*

This literally sounds like a selfish statement as it seems that I’m turning the spotlight to my direction but far from it, the “ME” is an acronym which stands for MEDIA and ENTERTAINMENT.

Read the post and understand it fully.

In Akwa Ibom State, the rate of unemployment is very much alarming as the Government is not enough to employ everyone and the Private Sector is yet to have the capacity to rescue the unemployment situation in the State but since we are in the ICT age, with just a “Click” and a “Tap”, high paying jobs can be created to reduce the unemployment rate and these two are the areas of the new Industry that if invested in will boast the employment opportunities in the State.

Research has shown that over 2million people out of the over 5million people living in Akwa Ibom State are active users of the internet which literally makes the market for e-media a lucrative one.
There are lots of media outlets in the State like the Radio/Television Stations, Print media and E-media but since we are in the Information Age, e-media seems to be the most easily accessed form of media and information are easily accessed, even those on Radio do mostly talk about what they read on Social Media which means that they have content from there.

Mark Zuckerberg, Linda Ikeji, Nairaland and others who are into Information dissemination make a whole lot of Money out of it. An average youth spends about 12 to 15 hours on the internet out of the 24 hours of the day and all they do is to search for information to update themselves on what’s going on around the globe.

In Akwa Ibom, we are yet to have an information pot where we can easily click on to access information on what is happening, Facebook is the only platform where what’s happening in Akwa Ibom especially Uyo trends. Though there are lots of blogs in town but it will be more effective if those blogs are expanded for them to have a wider reach. They’ve done their best to have the presence thy have now but if a little financial push is given, they will do better and achieve higher standards.

There are a lot going on in Ibeno that people in Ikot Ekpene and the world at large do not know, same as things good and bad happening in ONNA but because of the fact that there is no Media to talk about it, nobody hears about that.

Politics is one of the thriving sector in Nigeria and they need Media to project themselves but in this age, Radio and Analogue forms of Media are still strong but Social Media is a means where an image of a Politician can be built or spoilt with just a click, this is another way of making money if you invest in building a strong e-media company.

Imagine a situation where there is a place you are paid to post your gist or news, things happening at the different institutions around us will be making headlines and the more people that visit those sites to read about those gists, the more your bank account is credited.

People are looking for what to read with their Megabits and if you invest in Media, they will spend their Megabits on it.

Akwa Ibom is blessed with lots of raw talent that needs to be refined and exported to the world. The Comedy Industry in Nigeria especially Lagos is where it is today because Opa Williams’ #NightOfAThousandLaugh was a great platform and spring board for our comedians to launch and soar in their career.

As far back in the 1970s, there were record labels that signed the different Music Artistes/Bands in Lagos, invest in them and they made huge returns and today there are still individuals that see Entertainment as an Oil Well of which they are still making money from till now.

From the High Class people in our Society to those on the Streets, Entertainment is what blinds and relaxes us from the challenges we face in this country and if there are events that can offer entertaining services at an affordable rate, then we don’t mind patronizing.

I’m sure you can now see that the “ME” I talked about was a different ME.

E. I. M 2018©

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