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*Building The Industry*

“That guy dey try”
“Guy, you dey try
“Men, you dong try”
If you are in Nigeria, the above mentioned lines are what people say after listening or watching some form of Arts that is played or projected by the Artistes.
Categorically, most of those saying are not satisfied with what they say or heard and in the scale of 10, they may rate what they saw or heard above 4.

The major challenge Artistes be it Comedians, Musicians, Spoken Word Artistes, Dancers, etc face is the issue of Globalisation which implies that their supposed audience and followers do listen or watch other Artiste in other part of the world that have more sophisticated content and more media push than them here. Example, People in Uyo do fans Artistes bases in other cities in Nigeria and beyond so for an Artiste in Uyo to be able to have the Uyo people fans them, HE OR SHE NEEDS TO HAVE CONTENT THAT CAN COMPETE WITH THEIR CONTEMPORARIES IN THE OTHER PART OF NIGERIA AND BEYOND.

Personally, I have been opportune to listen to a couple of songs but ONLY a few can compete with those I fan within and outside.

I will want to tell everyone into entertainment be it Music, Comedy, Spoken Word, Dancing, Acting etc to know that for you to be taken serious by even your FAMILY MEMBERS concerning your Arts, you need to do what those the fans do.

Pleasure is one thing that can not be forced on anyone and no one will fake it to enjoy what he or she doesn’t like. It is necessary we up our game to level up with the International Standard even if it is your indigenous Arts. Proper packaging will make it acceptable even be the foreigners.

It is necessary for us to move from the “Guy, you dey try” to “Guy, you are just AMAZING”. This is the way forward to Building an Industry that can be of an International Standard.

E. I. M 2018©

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