The spate of buildings collapsing within the Lagos and the recent incident of a mudslide which claimed four lives in Magodo has caused the Lagos state government to take a second look on the issue of housing within the metropolis.

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Owing to the latter event which occurred at Otun Araromi orise community, in the Magodo area of the state, the government has decided to review building plans and sites where structures are erected.

The community incident has caused the government to look into demolishing certain structures which tends to pose a threat to the residents within the Isheri axis of Magodo.

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There were reports that the demolition was to kick-off on Tuesday, November 10, however, it turned out that the information was false. went on a journey to thoroughly investigate the living conditions and the state of affairs at the Otun Araromi Orise community and it was gathered by our reporters that there is a lot at stake, issues that bewilder the residents and questions that only the government can help to answer.

Calamity Befalls A Peaceful Community

Calamity struck at the Orise community when a torrent rain sent crashing some parts of a building built on a steep hill. The deluge reportedly went on to be the death of four sons of a certain police officer.

The sad event which took place on Saturday, November 7, did not only leave an indelible scar in the hearts of the residents, it also opened a can of worms.

News of the deaths caused many, especially the government to raise an eyebrow on the affairs within the settlement.

The Government Won’t Spare the Rod

In the wake of the mudslide, the Lagos state government reached a decision to take a closer look at the permits of house owners within the area, and sources say many do not have the government’s permit to build along certain places within the community.

So the government decided that houses which do not have permits and those built on parts that poses danger to the community will be demolished.

A Tale of Hill Dwellers and Valley Settlers

There tends to be a cold conflict within the Orise community, and this revolves around the areas which certain people have chosen to build their houses.

Some built their houses on a steep hill, while others settled for the foot of the upland.

According to locals, those who settled at the foot of the hill have been there for over thirty-years, while those on the upland are recent innovation within the community.


Some houses within the Orise community were built on a steep hill, while others lay at the foot of the elevated upland.

The bane however is that most of those who built atop the hill, did not take into cognizance the presence of the valley dwellers before erecting their structures. Hence, you have issues of unwanted water and other waste materials, channeled towards the dwelling of the people beneath the hill.

This arrangement certain residents who spoke to our reporters say is one of the major causes of the constant erosion and surge of mud and debris down the hill.

The residents, who spoke in anonymity, said there were others who built on the hills, but took extra measures to ensure that those who live beneath their houses did not have to suffer any inconveniences.

As precaution, some made a cast to shield the valley dwellers from any deluge.

Where do They Go?

Most of the residents affected by the government ultimatum, spoke to our reporters. They said that they understand that the government has the interest of the people at heart, but the issue of demolishing their houses is a very dire decision.

The residents said that for over 30-years they have lived in peace within the community and have not had any cause for alarm. They said it was quite clear that living within the mudhill region could be detrimental, still, they believed that rather than leave entirely the government could help to put the place to shape.

They further opined that just like some who built their houses on the hill have begun to make protective casts, others too can follow suit if they must have their house on the steep elevated upland.

A certain matriarch of Christ Life Sower Ministry, who granted our reporters audience, stressed the fact that most of the people who had built houses within the Orise community did it through arduous tasks.


The Matriach of Christ Life Sower Ministry, said the people had nowhere else to go.

She said many of them are retired and have only their houses as solace for years of toil.

The matriarch, whose name was not given, stressed the fact that they have come to make the community their home and had nowhere else to go if they are driven from their possessions.

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The residents of Otun Araromi Orise pleaded that the government temper justice with mercy, further urging that they seek some other way to help develop the community that has existed for decades, other than just sending them parking into nothingness.

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