The Thin Line Between STDs And Sex Before Marriage

The prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases continues to soar as everyday people get into a relationship without first knowing their HIV or STD status. Why? Because many still judge a sexually interest by the cost of sex. ie, if you pay for it she’s a ho and you need to protect yourself but if the sex if free then she’s okay to have unprotected sex with.


Yesterday I published an article Say No To Free Sex. Get Laid, Get Paid. where I thoroughly described the way and manner in which girls are categorized. While some give it up in a relationship, others give it up randomly and while there are those who give it up strictly for money ie prostitutes.

Statistics show that girls who sell their body for money or rather prostitutes are more STD-conscious than those who fall for the sweet words of men or have random sex. The ratio of those who contracted STDs from their partner while in a relationship is above those that contracted it from paid sex. Reason, high rate of Infidelity and Promiscuity.

A prostitute will not have sex with a man without protection because she is aware of how wrong her action is and wouldn’t want to jeopardize her chance of a better future by contracting a virus just from some random sex while an ordinary girl would freely have unprotected sex in a heartbeat believing the man is ‘safe’ esp. if the man has said the right things to her.

The same applies to men who deem it okay to have sex with a random girl unprotected just because she isn’t a prostitute and wouldn’t bat an eye at a prostitute who is condom-conscious.

Such naivety is the reason why Nigeria is finding it hard to control the spread of STDs.

The thin line between STDs and Sex Before Marriage will be giving out two true stories on people who contracted HIV just from ‘being in a relationship’.

‘’I don’t really stress about my status cos that’s not going to change anytime soon. I was infected by my ex-boyfriend purposely. He knew he had contracted HIV from one of his girl-friends outside our relationship and still had unprotected sex with me. When I found out I accepted it and moved on. I take care of myself, I go out with friends but I don’t drink alcohol and I do date but I don’t tell my boyfriends about my stats I just use condoms, and if he refuses to us it, I leave him immediately cos if you tell people the truth, they will treat you like trash. So I am in a relationship right now and my boyfriend doesn’t know my status but we use protection every time. I have been living with this since 2006’’ – HIV+

’Hi, I’m a 23 years-old girl living with HIV since 2012, for a while I couldn’t face the truth, I carried on with life as if nothing had happened. I had a lot of boyfriends and somehow having those people around me made me feel okay, then I started getting sick, I couldn’t eat for 2 weeks and I was coughing a lot. I went to the doctor and he told me I had abdominal Tuberculosis, my TB was in the stomach and I couldn’t eat everything I wanted to eat. Right now, I’m taking my TB and HIV treatment cos my immune system is too weak to survive with just one treatment at the same time. So if you think you can ignore HIV, then you’re wrong. Know your status and get treated.’’ – HIV+

This are just two examples amidst the many we have already on how STDs can be spread especially when one partner is unaware of the others status.

In a previous article we had a true story of a woman who lost the baby she had been looking for since 7 years of being married just because her husband couldn’t stay faithful and she trusted him with her health. He had unprotected sex with another woman and deliberately had unprotected sex with his wife too thereby infecting her with Gonorhea. She wasn’t aware and it cost her baby it’s life.

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It is important for everyone to get tested, even when you are married. Don’t be deceived by the notion of fidelity in marriage because your wife or hubs might be creeping. Stay faithful if you are in an exclusive relationship as it saves you and the ones you love.

Don’t become one of those that speak against prostitutes but commit the same act for free all living under the umbrella of self-glorified ignorance.

Truth is when you know your status, you will seize being careless with how you have sex. And will always have sex protected.

Get tested, Stay single. Or stay faithful.




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