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*Building The Industry*

Most days, I wake up depressed and hurting when I look around and realise that the Industry that I am is YET to gain it’s rightful place in the society irrespective of the fact that it is one of the MOST consumed service by humanity.

Research has proven that nobody can Survive or be psychologically Strong for a week if that person does not have a glimpse of ENTERTAINMENT of any kind be it from Humans or Inanimate Objects.

The reality in Akwa Ibom is the worse has we have lots of Music Icons from the after colonization to the 2000s that though their Musical Works are popular, they are POOR and WRETCHED, be it Gospel or Secular.

Apart from the fact that these guys were not educated and exposed to the things that make the Arts lucrative and possibly know the business aspect of the Arts, fast forward to the current situation of Music in Akwa Ibom State, is the case different?

Is there any hope for the Artiste?

If I may want to be frank, only about 10% of Musicians are REALLY living large and can attribute 80% source of income to Music that do not have connections with the Government.

Music like every other Goods and Services is only termed as a successful venture when the cycle from the Production level to the Consumption level is complete.

Kunle Soriyan in one of his teachings mentioned that and I quote:

“In Nigeria, we produce what we do not consume and consume what we do not produce” he further added that “NO economy can succeed under such situation”

This can be likened to the situation in Akwa Ibom.

Majority of the Music, Movies, Comedy, Dance and other forms of Entertainment consumed in Akwa Ibom are NOT Produced or Originated from Akwa Ibom.

Shall we continue in this manner that we may grow?

God forbid.

The path we are toeing will only lead us to eternal confusion and perpetual dependency on Government which generations coming after us will NEVER FORGIVE us as they did not grow up to meet any Structure for them to follow.

5 million people leaving in this State is enough for ENTERTAINERS in the State to make money as other Industries have been making.

If we are amongst those collecting the Highest Allocations from the Federal Purse, I believe we can better our lives by diversifying into other things that will help us make money from others not just within us.

Remember, every society is strong economically when the circulation of wealth takes place within its inhabitants and wealth is attracted from those buying from them.

We in the music Industry need to map out strategies that will help us achieve this feats.

The blame game will still make us aliens to where prosperity exist.

That “it is not possible or achievable” mentality that is clamping us must be ignored.

A positive attitude and HARD/SMART WORK will make this a reality too.


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E. I. M 2018©

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