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*Building The Industry*

Lack of UNDERSTANDING, LOVE and UNITY amongst the Entertainment Stakeholders example between the Music Artistes and Bloggers or OAPs and even Entertainers is NOT the major challenge we have here.
A lot of other suggested factors that are always mentioned when talking about our Industry are not the MAJOR challenge we are facing BUT..!

A couple of months ago, a Big Friend and a Senior Musicologist sent me an article of a Court Case between one big High-Life Mastero from the Western part of Nigeria and a Record Label that himself and his Band were signed into because in 1970s which means that as at then, Music has already gathered a structure over there that is still working till today of which Artistes are enjoying too.

Back to our State, the major challenge we are having is likened to us all staying in a Dark Room where everyone is trying to find their way to where the light is shining and in the process, we consciously or unconsciously STEP ON or PUSH others down which the DISUNITY we are trying to build today is a byproduct.

Earlier today, I had a talk to a senior brother to my friend and he mentioned that the major challenge we in Akwa Ibom State are facing is poor “MENTORSHIP

In our Industry, we have great Old Music that were recorded and some are still played till today but the Business aspect of the Industry was weak that’s why our early Entertainers then are yet to match their ACCOUNT STATEMENT with their FAME.

We didn’t grow up to meet STRUCTURES to follow thus, we result into wallowing ignorance which makes us TRY, FAIL, TRY, FAIL but still not give up.

All we need is to have to those that have been where those succeeding over there in the West to come and train us or we raise a team people to observe how things are being done, introduce their observations into our Industry so that we can be more productive.

Information or Knowledge they say is POWER but the careful application of it will make a huge difference.

E. I. M 2018©

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