As of Tuesday, Apple’s least expensive iPhone is now the iPhone 8 Apple’s flagship iPhone from 2017.

The iPhone 11 starts at $700, and the iPhone 8 starts at just $450.

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The iPhone 8, first introduced in September 2017, was the last major flagship phone from Apple before the smartphone maker drastically changed the iPhone design with the iPhone X.

To that end, the iPhone 8 is the last iPhone that Apple sells with a Home button and bezels.

That said, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 launched in the same year and featured very similar internal hardware. Despite looking distinctly different, the phones were remarkably similar in terms of capability they were powered by the same A11 Bionic chip and had the same 64 GB of storage.

And now, just a few years later, the iPhone 8 is a powerful smartphone with a far more attractive price: Just $450 to start.

Apple’s most expensive iPhone? If you max-out the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it comes to $1,449.

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