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*Building The Industry*

A higher percentage of the Self-claimed A-list Artistes in Akwa Ibom State be it Gospel and Secular are not TALENTED or GIFTED enough to be where they are.
Some think they are Artiste just because they can sing a little or write songs thus, they jump into the Vocal Boothe, wear the Headphones but at the end of the day, the delivery is POOR. (Music Producers and Recording Engineers can ascertain this fact). It gets so worst when they can’t even Perform on stage because they are not gifted in the Arts of Music Performance.

The irony of it all is that those that are TALENTED and GIFTED are POOR while the ones gingering have some money to push themselves but on the other hand, the Good ones are very LAZY as they don’t know how to strategize while the Wack ones goes all out to push themselves (speaking from Observations and Experience)


1. Since these ones that are not good are easily seen, the Rich Guys in our society do not try investing in Entertainment because they give their verdict based in what they see that the industry won’t bring any gain but they will rather give Incisor-laugh and a condolences pat on their backs.

2. The Masses too do not show interest or patronise the Acts here because what they are privileged to see here can not give them the pleasure the outsiders give thus, they cling to their known entertainers.


1. I do use my story as an example, self discovery is the way out because, I started as a Bassist, evolved to a Pianist, then a Songwriter finally a Singer but in all of these phases, I only performed averagely but fulfilment and general acceptance came when I delved into Music Promotion/Journalism. I am yet to beg for attention but since I’m on the right spot, I don’t get ignored instead, I’m making and meeting new friends with the industry stakeholders.

2. I don’t want to cause any controversy by mentioning names but if you want to know where you rightly belong, I can help you if you come WITH HUMILITY to my inbox.

3. The good ones should use everyone platform available to show themselves especially the Social Media which is a bliss to our generation.

Finally, It’s about time we understand that not everyone is meant to be on the spot light. That money you spend trying to push a WACK ART, you can invest that money into a GOOD ARTISTE, make your profits without the stress of absorbing the Heat of the spotlight.

Singing or Performing is not the only paying Sector in the Industry as you can still make wealth even as a sponsor or in the boardroom.

E. I. M 2018©

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