The Benefits Of Nigerian Herbal Medicine – Flashimpress

The Benefits Of Nigerian Herbal Medicine – Flashimpress

Herbal Medicine in Nigeria and Africa has been the cure to ailments
and diseases from centuries past. Then, there was no modern technology
or modern medicine as things are now. Although their resources were
limited, they effectively used what was available to them like plants,
roots, etc.

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Clinical tests are in operations to blend the use of herbal medicine
with modern medicine. The major problem with herbal medicine in Nigeria
is that there is no proper documentation of the processes and the vast
amount of herbal medicine available.

Herbal medicine has many benefits that are still relevant to us even after thousands of years. There are possibly herbs out there that could cure terminal diseases like cancer, HIV, etc. Another issue is that government funding on promoting researches in medicine is not encouraging. Here are the benefits of herbal medicine and why you should imbibe them in your lifestyle.

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Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility

Compared to clinical medicines, herbal medicines are very affordable. Many Africans still use herbal medicines when they are sick because of this. Many in the rural population still prefer this to orthodox medicine. Some even grow these herbs in their houses and can easily refer to them when needed. Because of this, they can take it as food which affirms the saying food is medicine and medicine is food.


There are countless things that can be herbs. From spices to flesh to
woody roots to bulbs, rhizomes, tubers to barks of trees to fruits and
seeds to dried plants, etc. There are millions of things that can count
as herbs and are good for your body because we keep these nutrients.
They are natural without chemical additives that clinical drugs have
that can promote toxicity in the body.

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They are versatile as you use them for skin care, dental health, bone treatment, etc. The good thing is that modern technology has improved all these things to make their results faster and better.

Boosting The Immune System

Herbal medicine is very good at boosting the immune system. Herbs like turmeric which has high anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger good for the flu and colds. Making herbs with teas to boosts your immune system.

We know barks of citrus fruits to be good sources in boosting the immune system. That is why they add them to various mixtures and herbal concoctions.

Efficiency Of Herbs To Cure Various Diseases

Like the Yorubas call herbs “Agbo”, these herbs help in curing
various sicknesses. There are various ways in making these herbs like
through extraction, infusions, decoctions, ashing, mixtures, etc. These
various ways contribute to how efficient and versatile herbal medicine
can be.

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The younger generation in Nigeria might look at herbal medicine as
vulgar, but most times, they brought many of them up using herbal
medicine in one way or the other. They use these herbs to take care of
women who just gave birth to their newborns and even to flush out
impurities from the body.

The Nigerian Herbal Medicine has many flaws like there could be an
overdose, might be very bitter, proper preservation, etc. But we should
research Nigerian Herbal medicine more and the government should promote
this and help save this angle of our cultural heritage.

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