Day 73 at the BB Naija 2018 had the house split in two as Miracle and Nina tried to stay out of each other’s way. Also, the housemates continued with their task for the week, taking note of the environment and saying loving words to other housemates.

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These are the interesting things that happened on day 73 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the breakup of Miracle and Nina was quite obvious and felt as Nina purposely ignored Miracle and he knew well to stay away from her. Nina either moved away from the group of four or stayed away from each other. Nina felt neglected by Miracle while he was angry with Nina for not placing him as a priority.

The Result Of A Breakdown

The breakdown of Nina and Miracle’s once red-hot dalliance has thrown the entire house for a loop. Following a day fraught with tension (and tears), the estranged couple’s closest friends, Alex and Tobi, headed to the privacy of the bedroom to try and make sense of it all.

Speaking after an emotional heart-to-heart with a visibly upset Nina, Alex seemed convinced that there was a lot more to the gripping drama that is the implosion of Mina, than meets the eye. At the heart of her suspicions, is strategy on Nina’s part. Despite the fact that Nina has asserted that her connection with Miracle is real even if she is spoken for outside the house, Alex feels it was all part of her game-plan from ‘Day 1’.

Tobi, on the other hand, seemed taken aback by how a matter so trivial could escalate to such dizzying heights so quickly and proceeded to place the blame on the looming Finale and everyone’s subsequent return to normal life in the outside world. According to Tobi, Nina’s connection with Miracle may be real, but the former is probably jittery about how her partner might receive her when she goes back home.

Handling Situations

The Big Brother Housemates exemplify the saying ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ because of the trials they’ve all endured in this journey.

Each of the Housemates remaining has a story to tell and if they haven’t learned anything from it, they became stronger.

With each possessing individual traits that make them stand out from the crowd if they were asked to write books they produce best sellers.

Additionally, their stay wasn’t in vain because friendships were (even though others didn’t work) and that becomes a part of the history they wrote.

Whether it’s part of a task or just a random conversation, the Housemates surely brought laughter and continue doing so on a daily.

Notably, the formation of ‘Toralex’ has been keeping the Big Brother House alive with their jokes and energy which sometimes transfers to others.

On the other end, most of them have cried us rivers in their efforts to give us Double Wahala and shown that they’re human too.

Whether participating in a game of chance for the Head of House title or an effort driven task like the Arena games, the effort from the Housemates have been amazing.

Even though others drove themselves more, it still has been a journey they’ll look back at and pat themselves in the back.

Penalty For Change

True to the week’s theme, Biggie stretched the dimensions a little bit more and had the Housemates participate in a special challenge that would see 8 different Nigerian primary schools being lent a helping hand, courtesy of Airtel. Despite the relatively easy task that required very little yet bore great rewards, the Housemates were less than forthcoming.

Each of them was given a total of five attempts to score as many penalties as possible, with each weighing a hundred thousand Naira to be donated to the schools each Housemates had chosen, in the form of educational material. The catch, however; the front part of the post had coverings with only two possible goal entries and seeing as the guys obviously had greater chances of winning, the penalty area was brought closer to the target, giving the girls a bit of an advantage.

Lolu was the first to undertake the challenge and managed to score a total of 2 goals while Miracle seemed to have miscalculated his aim, all five times, consequently forfeiting his chances of winning any amount of money for the school he’d chosen. Tobi, on the other hand, managed only a single goal, frustrating any chances he might have had to try for the Super Eagles.

The ladies did better than expected, however, given their ‘two left feet’ syndrome when it comes to sports. Despite their awkward angles, Alex, Cee-C, and Nina scored one goal each while Khloe matched Lolu’s two goals. Anto, on the other hand, joined Miracle and collected a big fat L.

Thanks to the Housemates’ efforts, the much needed ₦ 800 000 will be injected into the school system, enabling the recipients an equipped shot at academic success.

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The Bitter Truth

After the day’s activity, Nina and Miracle finally sat down to talk about their issues with Alex, Tobi, and Anto acting as intermediaries.

The group laid it bare and spoke their mind hinting at the fact that both Miracle are both right and wrong and none of them is more the victim than the other.

The two had to speak their mind and Nina made it known that she hates it when Miracle belittles her, while he hates it when Nina called him ‘high service’ and no truly caring.

Watch the clips.


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