On Saturday, the 3rd day of February 2018, Elder Aniekan Umanah a one time Commissioner for Information in Akwa Ibom State, consulted Abak LGA councillors.

The purpose of the consultation was for him to tell them about his 2019 ambition while also asking them for support but the consultation rather turned to a moment of confession.

Apparently reacting to what people have been saying about him, the Qua Iboe church elder made a lot of claims mostly negative and not good enough for a man of his exposure and intelligence, except, maybe he has been overrated all these while.

I will at this point attempt a response to all he said or maybe a few.

1. About his siblings: There is this general believe that Elder Umanah is not a giver and that he is self centered and only cares for his family. But responding to this claim, Elder Umanah in the video denied ever investing only in his brothers. He called his brothers out one by one and enumerated their achievements in life, mixing truths and lies while also talking big for his brothers.

The question is, how successful are his brothers? Sometime last year, Zion Umoh made a lot of claims about his Elder brother now a chief in Abak which Elder Aniekan Umanah said worked and retired in the banking sector, built a house and drove cars before he even thought of building a house. I think Elder Umanah should have rather used that opportunity to reply Zion on why his brother left his banking job.

Zion Umoh on one of his facebook posts said Obong Ifiok Umanah stole in the bank he was working, hence his sack, was Zion saying the truth? One would have expected Elder Aniekan Umanah to have use that opportunity he had to keep the record straight instead of throwing dirt.

Again, Sir, you claimed your brothers succeeded on their own without you contributing nothing except the one you said you sent to school, but at this point I will love to ask, what role did you play in your brother becoming a village head in Abak? Rumor has it that a lot of money exchanged hand before the elders of Abak finally accepted your Elder brother. You should have briefed us on this through the video.

Again Sir, you lied, your brother Ubong is not a Master’s degree holder but a civil servant playing politics which is against the Civil Service rule. He is the Dakkada ambassador in charge of Abak LGA and I am very sure you are aware that he deducts N5,000 from each Dakkada ambassador every month but sir, if you weren’t aware, I want you to know that your brother Mr. Ubong Umanah deducts N5000 from the N25,000 paid to Dakota Ambassador in Abak LGA. Sir, are you also aware that Ubong, your brother collects share from any amount of money you give anyone?

Your brother Uwemedimoh is not a PhD holder like you claimed. Two things are involved here, it is either your brother lied to you that he has a PhD or that you deliberately lied. Rumors has it that your brother Ubong struggled to finish his BSc at University of Calabar, so when did he complete his Master’s program?

2. I have bought cars for over 60 something Abak people: In the video, you also claimed that you have bought cars for over 60 people when you were a Commissioner for Information.

Now, let’s do a little mathematics, let’s assume each car cost about N2Million and you gave out over 60 of it, Sir, you were just a Commissioner with only a monthly salary, how were you able to raise millions of Naira to buy cars for people including all the help you claimed you also rendered? Was the money part of the billions a certain Akwa Ibom newspaper claimed you diverted from AKBC? What was your worth before joining politics? I will like to see your asset declaration form before joining politics.

Again, you also said Friday Iwok is the first person you have ever invested in as long as politics is concern. You forgot to tell us if you were lending him the money or if it was a dash. Your claim took place in 2015 when Friday Iwok was already a first term house member, are you telling us that Elder Iwok couldn’t afford the amount of money you claimed you spent on him or did you spend on him expecting something in return? Maybe you knew he might want to contest against you in 2019 and you decided to play a fast one but investing in his Re-Election bid because nobody will believe that Elder Iwok would not be able to fund his own election.

3. That Elder Friday Iwok administered “mbiam” to some of his supporters but that he, Elder Aniekan Umanah took them to where it was reversed: While still addressing the councillors, Elder Aniekan Umanah claimed that Elder Friday Iwok administered an oath known in Annang as mbiam to to his followers. The oath was meant to make sure that those individuals will never leave him for another politician. He went further to tell the world that he was the one that took the people to where the oath was reversed. The questions now come:
1. As an ordained Elder of Qua Iboe, where did you take them to for the reversal of a very fettish oath like mbiam?
2. How did you know that such a place exist? You even mentioned it, Odoro Ikot
3. In 2014 when you first adpired to represent Abak Federal constituency at the House of Representatives, there was this rumor that some of your aides tried to administer mbiam to some individuals from Afaha Obong but that the individuals staged a walk out, can we now conclude that the rumor was true, being that you seem to know so much about mbiam?
4. Is mbiam part of Christianity?
5. Is it true that your brother Ubong is the one administering mbiam to people on your behalf in Abak LGA?

This is a very serious allegation and the burden of proof is on you. It’s an height of everything bad to accuse a fellow Elder this way in the public. The leadership of Qua Iboe Church should not toy with this issue. Elder Aniekan Umanah has dragged the name of the church in the mud. Elder Friday Iwok has never done such except Elder Aniekan Umanah can proof otherwise.

Elder Iwok at no point promised to pay some selected individuals monthly stipends as you claimed in the video. So I am wondering where you got such information from.

5. You claimed you are very straightforward that you don’t lie and all that. Let me take you back a bit. Sometime last year, you made a comment on a Facebook post where you outlined how you helped a certain Kokoette Udom. You said you were the one that made him collect Sen. Akpabio’s N100,000 scholarship, but findings reveal that you weren’t the one that wrote down Kokoette’s name. You got to know about it later on when Mr. Anietie Ekong had finalized everything. Kokoette should only be grateful that you did not cross off his name, maybe that was why you felt it was your effort.

Let’s even assume you played a role in his collection of the money, why will an elder slot in the name of someone who he knew wasn’t qualified when there were thousands qualified students? If you actually did such it means the allegation of nepotism levelled against you is true. You short change people to please people close to you.

Again, your claims of paying Kokoette Udom’s school fee is partially true. Kokoette’s mother worked for you, she served you diligently for years. The money you gave to His mother was for her to organize women for you and not directly for the boy’s school fees. If Kokoette’s mum worked for you for years but couldn’t afford her son’s school fees, then it’s a minus on your person.

That said, it was Elder Iwok that made Kokoette’s mother a delegate and not you. Tell us you were privy to her name been pencil down or that you had all it took to have cut off her name like you have been doing but telling us it was entirely your effort is a lie, sir.

Sir, are you aware that two of your brothers and your sister got their share from the money kokoette’s mother got? That is how selfish you guys are. It was also Elder Iwok that made that woman a supervisor, it was Iwok’s slot and not your effort. It was the woman that organised female delegates for Iwok and the man decided to compensate her. So stop taking Glory on things you never did. God bless you for always allowing their names to remain and not “cut” it off.

6. “I spent more than N5million at MOPOL base on the day of primaries for Friday Iwok, as Uwem was changing security, I was also doing same. Although you have not told us who you actually gave the money to or how the money was shared but it is very obvious that an elder of the church has just admitted to bribing police officers.

The Nigerian Police authority need to look into this case of how an ordinary citizen was changing police with millions of Naira. What was the source of this millions? But we are in Nigeria where nothing works. Where a citizen can come out and boldly tell the world that he controlled the police. We all know how the primary finally held and it had nothing to do with your bribing the police.

7. “I gave Friday Iwok a white piece of paper to write down names of Delegates in my house” The People’s Democratic Party in the state needs to look into this. Elder Aniekan Umanah has clearly indicted the party here. How was he able to write the names of delegate in his own house? Was he working on behalf of the party? I am calling on the party not to allow this issue slide.

8. Friday Iwok’s mum is in the village farming palm fruit while my mum is in town, driving in a car I bought for her with a driver attached. My brothers drive around with cars while the other person brothers are cyclist. This is one of the most childish talk I have ever heard in my entire life from an adult. I used to hear things like these when I was in nursery school. It was very common to hear a child tell another that his father’s car is bigger than your father’s own and so on. This is exactly what our dear elder did here.

Elder Iwok has palm fruit plantation and his mother is the one in charge of it, what is wrong with that? Did Friday Iwok’s mum complain to you that she is suffering? You had access to money as a Commissioner for information and was able to buy cars for your siblings, if you dare enter the lower Chambers I am very sure you will want to buy aeroplane for each of them. You are very corrupt, Sir. Abak Federal constituency need to be careful before choosing anyone to represent them at Abuja.

9. You are not a man of your words, why then should you expect another to keep to his words? That is if and only if Friday Iwok promised never to contest against you in this life. You said same about Rt.Hon. Emmanuel Ekon who has come out to deny that such never took place and that you never even bought form talk more of contesting against anybody.

Rt.Hon. Friday Iwok never promised not to contest against you in the future. This assertion from you is a lie and a very cheap one at that. If Iwok ever made such promise, the you we all know would have asked him to put it into writing, signed, sealed and preserved for a day like today. You never. Again, how do you expect anyone to believe that you spent the millions you claimed for Friday Iwok without any form of agreement?

Finally, After listening to that interview, I got across to a lot of people under Abak Federal constituency and each of them were disappointed that a church elder, a party man, a one time Commissioner, a statesman, a father, a husband etc, could condescend that low.
If you ask me, I will tell you that Elder Aniekan Umanah is not fit to represent me at the Federal House. He can not be trusted.

By Idongesit Uyo

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