STEP ON IT is a summit designed to help the freshman discover himself, the world around him, and how to take on life’s challenges without fear. Matt had just made it through college well-armed with the best grades. He’s been the king of the classroom for a while now. For Matt, he is sure that with his grade he can trade for a juicy offer in the boardroom. His fantasy in Disneyland evaporated as soon as he was faced with the realities of life outside college. In life there is obviously no ‘ All things being equal’ as he was taught in the classroom. Disappointingly, nothing is ever equal in life.
Every day more and more people like Matt are released into the real world unguided with the right worldview and tools with which to conquer their world. Like ‘ innocents’ they stroll into the never soothing claws of life without the real expectations foretold.
Even more saddening is the case with young people, final year students, fresh graduates and maturing graduates who traverse life’s roads without a road-map that can lead them to Eldorado; they soon end up frustrated, humiliated and irritated in a life’s journey that was never taught in the academic curriculum.
Join Eagle’s Faith Empowerment Institute in a one-day summit that will help the Matts of this world as they explore, evolve and expand their life’s views and get better positioned to Step On life’s challenges and the Opportunities.
Date:8th Sept., 2012.
Venue: 22 Nsikak Eduok avenue
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