Staying Healthy By Avoiding These 5 Foods

Staying healthy is a necessary lifestyle but yet underrated. Most people get to check out the negative effects of some food items they take in. The truth is that labels on some food items are not encouraging they misconstrued or it’s rather misleading.

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Sometimes trying to follow a healthy living lifestyle can be very uncomfortable. You will be left with questions like can eating this meal reduce the risk of cancer? Are crabs bad?.

Nutritionist like to counsel about healthy living and the work with what they know by avoiding processed, artificial sweetener and chemicals based ingredients. People love to hear the truth about things that can better their lives health-wise, But following that up can be really tacky for them.

Want to know that list of foods to avoid this 2020?

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Microwave popcorn

These days, people see popcorn as something that’s easy and very normal to make with a microwave. Which is really dangerous to the health.Mostly because they want to turn their homes to a cinema with the help of Netflix.

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Also, Netflix has really made things really easy whereby you just search for a movie you want and enjoy in your comfort zone. Most likely in your living room or your bedroom depending on who you are watching it with. The Netflix chills can not be complete without the feel of popcorns and drinks.

Most frozen meals

You must be wondering why this is harmful to your health, I am too. Most times, they overly process frozen packaged meals. Either made with refined flour, high in sodium, and full of additives and preservatives. And they are not good for the body.


Also known as carbonated beverages. These kinds of drinks are full of artificial sweeteners and a lot of gas and a high level of sugar. Most people think adding extra water to make the sugar taste fade will help reduce the sugar-sweetened or fructose-sweetened soda, but it’s important to know that the manufacturers can get the sweet taste in a variety tricky of ways.

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Grilled Red meat

Food Scientists have made it known that grilling meat is really unhealthy as it brings out chemicals from the fatty meat and is cancerous. The risk of the increased rate of cancer has been linked to the consumption of Grilled meat due to high inflammation in the body in colon cancer,” by the dietitian Megan faletra, . The Fun fact is that it can be used for different things. One of the greatest things that helped me during my undergraduate days.

Ramen Noodles

This is hard to do away with because I am a big fan of noodles. I can’t deal with the fact that I have to stop or minimize my intake of this particular food. Noodles are packaged foods and are loaded with salt and it has very little nutritional value. Account to person research done by me, I found out that 87% of youths age 23-39 consume noodles on a daily basis. One benefit is that it easy to make.
Even with the above listed harmful items, most individuals will still find it hard to keep up with the healthy living lifestyle.

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It is important to know that prevention is better than cure!

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