I’ve noticed a couple of things about the speech patterns of PDP/APC Governorship candidates in Akwa Ibom state.

Nsima’s speeches are full of mentions like “Senator Akpabio”, “Ita Enang”, “Udoedeghe”, “I”, “Umana Umana”, “Eka Esid Mbom” (Akpabio’s wife), “My wife” and nothing else, while Udom’s speeches are full of “Development”, “Industries”, “God”, “Youths”, “Empowerment”, “Women”, “Welfare”, “Workers”, “Employment”, “Jesus”, “Peace”, “Akwa Ibom”, “We”, “Future”, “Our children”, “Economy”, “Agriculture”, “Growth”, “Integrity” and “Unity”.

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To confirm all I have said, kindly refer to campaign videos of the two candidates and listen carefully to them as they speak.

To me, Udom sounds innovative. His charisma, poise, eloquence, self awareness, passion for service, critical and strategic thinking abilities, courage, confidence, integrity, positivity and emotional intelligence qualifies him as a 21st century leader.

Nsima on the other hand sounds rebellious, desperate, clueless, uninformed and unreasonable. Perhaps this is the reason APC campaigns center more on Akpabio and his inner circle than the people, or even Nsima Ekere – the flagbearer.

The picture is at this point clearer that, APC is all about “them” and “the kabal” while PDP is reaching out more than ever to the people with genuine interest in the future of their generations yet unborn.

How else would someONE campaign with the propaganda that pensions and gratuities where not paid to retired workers? If you ask the retirees which year they were being owed, the answer you will get is “2011-2015”! Who was Governor back then during the oil boom, in the era where people brought masons from Cotounu to fix POP ceilings amd screed walls in mansions built within and outside Akwa Ibom? Why did he not pay pensions and gratuities? Why did the retirees not ask him to pay them their money? “For fear of being kidnapped and killed”, a friend sitting beside me as I type this piece retorts.

Even in the face of an election tribunal tussle and stringent recession, Udom came in, cleared 10years backlog of pensions and got things working again in the state. He moved to Oron, ordered a quick intervention on roads, hit the ground running and made everything that seem to be so big seem to be so small for Akwa Ibom people.

Udom has worked enough to deserve a 2nd term! He has surpassed superior performance! We now have industries, which previous government made us see as rocket science and we now plant cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables which they made us believe will not grow in any part of the world other than northern Nigeria.

Udom has broken the staus quo! He has made us believe in ourselves. The slight hunger which came with the recession (which of course was a result of APC’s clueless administration at the center) became our motivating factor. It made us became relentless and we strived hard to survive (bearing in mind the words of the Dakkada creed) and we actually came out strong!

Previous governments made us see them as “gods” because they succeeded in crushing our self esteem as a people! We were made to believe that we cannot have a million without meeting a “Governor”. They made us believe an Akwaibomite cannot own a supermarket; that we cannot progress without answering “Yes Sir!” to a politician, that our youths are worth nothing if they don’t go round singing “You are a leader” every morning at a politician’s house; that we must become PA to the PA of a PA by a PA to survive!

Look where we are today! Most of our youths are meaningfully engaged and gainfully employed! I can boldly say that in the history of Akwa Ibom’s existence, we have never had the number of startups we’ve had since Udom became Governor three and a half years ago! We even have a Made-in-Akwa-Ibom Showroom with 100% of the products displayed on the shelf made in Akwa Ibom!

We can NEVER and WILL NEVER go back to the era of handouts! A closer look at the campaign trend will disclose a conspicuous fact that people are supporting Udom wholeheartedly not because of money but because the sense of immediate benefits and entitlements have been eroded, they now know the difference between good and evil, and have come to embrace the fact that there is no more free lunch! Nothing is free even in Freetown! To “chop”, we must “work”. That’s the new rule – the new Dakkada creed!

The forthcoming elections will mark the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and God over Satan. When you understand that #OnlyGod gives power and He qualifies whom he calls, you will understand that God is directing this power-play all by himself to show someONE that man is nothing without him and that NO MAN CAN PLAY GOD.

God brought Udom to liberate us; to liberate Akwa Ibom from the quasi-strong; to liberate you and I from the shackles of fear of the unknown and to pilot this state into the era of industrialisation.

The odds are against Nsima and the APC…

Vote Udom! Vote PDP! It is a #DivineMandate! #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain!

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