What is the most powerful thing that you can do? The greatest thing that you can do? I would submit to you that it is the power to choose. Your power of choice is perhaps the greatest thing that you can exercise. Some people in Nigeria don’t have that. The people in many countries of the world don’t have that.You were given the power of choice. How you use that power of choice determines your destiny. Doesn’t it? Your destiny is absolutely determined by your correct or incorrect use of the power of choice. When you sit down at the table…”Should I have dessert?” Now, that may not have anything to do with you eternal destiny, but it has a lot to do with your health. “Should I have seconds? Should I drink this? Should I watch that?” You know, one of the greatest things you can do is to make proper decisions.
How do you make a proper decision? Are we taught that in the academy? Is there a course in church school on how to make good decisions? There ought to be. Our teachers ought to have a course in every school on how to make proper decisions. There isn’t anything like that. That’s the greatest thing that you could teach your children is how to make good decisions, including making the ultimate decision, which is deciding on Jesus Christ. If they know how to make proper decisions they will be just fine in life because they’re going to make the right decisions. And so, we need to teach them how to do that.The choice that you make has profound implications on your future. In fact, all of life is composed of the decisions that we make. The decisions that you make, especially early in life, and especially later in life, at the critical points of life, at the turning points of life. Those decisions impact your destiny. You must make wise decisions. One single decision is enough to determine a person’s destiny, either to heaven of to hell. We decide our destiny. The choice is yours. Let’s suppose you want to make the right choice but you can’t determine which way is right? What then? Which one? You could date one of two girls, but which one? How do you know God s will?

God does know the answer. How do you know what God would have you to do? How do you make the right decision? Here in Isaiah 30:21 it says, whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” We need that voice. We need that direction. And that direction comes from heaven.

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