Sahara Reporters has published a video of alleged Boko Haram members being threatened during interrogation by unidentified captors.

The video shows a room filled with men, who are apparently captured insurgents, tied up and sitting on the floor as the camera operator questions some of them about their participation in killing people.


The detainees in the three-minute video are continually threatened by the unidentified captors, and one suspect clearly has facial injuries.

“Now that you are going to see God what will you tell him?” one of the suspects is asked.

Another insurgent has his head grabbed as the cameraman tells him that he will be killed by cutting.

The unknown group also proposes killing some of the captives in a “public execution.”


Sahara Reporters could not independently confirm the identity of any of the people in the video.

President Muhammadu Buhari over his three-month deadline given to the military to end the insurgency.

The Nigerian army on October 28 said it had freed more than 330 people, mostly women and children, from Boko Haram’s Sambisa forest hideout in the unstable northeast.

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