Umani Uwemedimo

In what maybe seen as a drama, Senator Akpabio now known as ” the Ukana lord” as at yesterday confessed that his eight years in PDP as governor of Akwa Ibom State was nothing but unfruitful and wasted years.

Senator Godswill Akpabio made this known during one of his Warsaw rallies in Nsit Atai yesterday. Addressing his hired crowd, the Ukana lord claimed that the purported achievements throughout his 8years as governor were all falsified, that the truth remains he was unable to carry out any tangible project within these years.

” I want to let you know that PDP for 16 good years did nothing in this state, this was my fate throughout my 8years in office. Between 2007-2015, there was nothing like Federal presence in the State, this was why we couldn’t achieve anything all through my 8years in office, PDP lied about all the achievements you heard”. He landed.

Senator Akpabio’s confession has brought the people into light, as there was a lot of arguments prior to the achievements of this Ukana lord as governor for 8years. Senator Akpabio has now proven to the world that he’s a pathological liar that has always lied about everything. This means Sen. Akpabio lied about the N17bn Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road, N100bn International Stadium, N25bn Four points Sheraton hotel, N2bn Mobil Express road, N6bn Use Ikot Amama road, N50bn Ibom Tropicana project and some other spiritually initiated projects were all scams: they were avenues for looting money.

From the self- driven confession of Sen. Akpabio, it could therefore be deduced that the Ukana lord defected to the APC because there was no available avenue where he could use to loot the state’s treasury like he did for 8 years, hence left with the option of projecting a thief whichever they could work in pari passu to ensure the looting of the state’s treasury through spuritualized projects is maintained.

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